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The observation tower on Tlstá hora

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Dohňany, Slovensko

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In a wallachian hat
The observation tower on Tlstá hora, Dohňany

Many years ago, in the early 19th century, an observation tower was standing on Tlstá hora. Apart from tourist purposes the tower also served for military and surveying purposes. The tower stood tall and served its purpose well. It also survived two world wars and left behind a story that is still present in the memory of local people and passed down from generation to generation. Today there is a new observation tower on Tlstá hora. It was not built for military purposes but rather for tired hikers to enjoy a nice view of the beauties of Púchov valley. You will feel excited even without a wallachian hat.

On the top of Tlstá hora above the village of Dohňany stands a unique wooden observation tower called "Rozhľadňa Púchovskej doliny (Púchov valley observation tower)". It was built under the project "Observation towers of Hornolidečsko and Púchov valley". The observation tower was opened to the public on October 17, 2009. The construction process used 60 cubic meters of wood and 35 cubic meters of concrete. The main pillars of the tower are double columns made from larch wood. Its foundations are three meters deep, dimensions 6 x 6 meters. The tower has a shape of a wallachian hat. It’s narrowing towards the top and has six floors - viewing platforms. The project was designed by Antonín Závada from Valašské Meziříčí. Standing in front of the tower we have to take a hat off to its designer – his creation is truly impressive and unique.
The view from the tower is no less impressive. Climb up to the upper most floor and enjoy it - nearby White Carpathian cliffs Lednica and Vršatec, Javorníky, Kysucké hills, Malá Fatra with its peaks Vrátna and Kriváň, Martinské hole and Kľak, Strážovs mountains with the majestic Strážov, Súľovské hills and Veľký Manín. You can also spot Púchov, Dohňany and from the opposite side in a deep valley there is a small village Zubák.
You can get to the tower using a nature trail "Tri scaly (Three rocks)", the tower is its fourth stop. If you want to get to the tower faster without much walking, take the road leading from the bus stop in Lazy. The mountain saddle on the ridge of Tlstá hora can be reached under 45 minutes. The tower will be on your left side; three more minutes and you are there.

The nature trail "Tri scaly (Three rocks)" leads through three rock formations. Each of them has its own story.
The story of the first rock, "Lazovská skala," tells about a small stone castle built on its top. Its owner, knight Očkaj, did not have enough subjects to work on his fields. Thus he went to Wallachia and Ruthenia and asked many pastoral families to go with him and settle on his estate. Očkaj’s neighbor asked him: "Where did you get (dohnal) them?" Since then, the estate was not called Očkaj’s estate but “U dohnaných”, thus the contemporary title Dohňany.
The story about the second rock - “Devil’s rock” tells about devils that would meet at the rock and dance. Their hooves left in the rock deep scars - water in them does not evaporate even in times of greatest droughts.
The story about the third rock "Vieska" is the oldest; it says that its limestone rocks are 115-136 million years old. The story may be true because 125 million years old fossils have been found there.


The village lies at the intersection of Javorníky and the White Carpathians in the valley of Biela voda. When hiking around you can also enjoy the national cultural heritage – the Neo-Romanesque church of St. Cyril and Methodius, a memorial room or Dom kultúrnych tradícií (House of Traditions) in Dohňany. In Dohňany’s local part “Zbora” you can see three protected "Zborovské limes", the oldest of them is about 330 years old.

Dujkov mill was built in 1936. It worked on electric power using Francisci turbines. The mill’s equipment is well preserved. The construction of the mill and its technology are originals. The mill also features a craft yard showing traditional crafts.

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