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Trenčín, Slovensko

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The operation of CERAGEM Trencin in the city center, close to the hospital and the clinic, offers the possibility of removing spinal pain, reducing daily stress and aiding in various diseases by a unique method in the combination of Eastern medicine and modern technology. The device employs 5 principles of Eastern medicine for chiropractic, acupressure, moxing, massage and full-body heat therapy.

CERAGEM is an automatic thermal-massage massage bed combining massage and pressure CERAGEM ™ massage with infrared heat radiated jadeite stones with epoxy-carbon panels. The massage bed is designed for overall regeneration. This device, using an internal projector that moves along the spine, releases back muscles, stimulates nerve pathways in the human body and improves blood circulation and circulating life energy Qi.Qi (qi) is the Chinese word for life energy. The CERAGEM massage bed is registered as a HEALTH CARE.


1. Spine Scan & APSM

(advanced system of mobile massage units)

After selecting from 10 automatic massage programs, the Ceragem V3 Thermo-Massage Bed will begin to read the length and curvature of the spine so that the selected program proceeds individually according to the length and curvature of each user's spine. The team has made a unique and wonderful massage! The manual and semi-automatic program does not read the length and curvature of the user's spine

2. Adjustable pressure intensity

The Ceragem V3's thermal mattress offers the user the ability to choose the intensity of the pressure during the massage between the 1st and the 6th degree.

3. Wide selection of massage programs

The Ceragem V3 Thermomassage Bed offers the user a choice of 12 massage programs. 9 fully automatic programs in 36 minutes, 1 automatic program in 18 minutes, manual and semi-automatic program

4. Ceragem musical therapy

The SD Memory Card is a choice of 10 relaxing melodies. A 4 GB SD card can upload additional custom MP3 songs (about 90 melodies).

5. Imaginative design

A very modern design designed by the world's most prestigious Tangerine design company. Ceragem V3 Heat-Massive Bed In Stock


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Address Jilemnického 25
91101 Trenčín

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