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Mound of General M. R. Štefanik

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Brezová pod Bradlom, Slovensko

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Pearl of Myjava hills, Mound of General M. R. Štefánik on the top of Bradlo, the road between Brezová and Košariská. Noone can overlook the shining whiteness of Spiš travertine placed on the highest peak of Myjava hills. A unique construction located at a place where the legendary general, pilot and astronomer rests in peace is only accessible to birds.   


After years of national oppression and the struggle for national identity all residents of Brezová and all Slovaks happily supported the idea of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. After all, it was a charming native of neighboring village Košariská, M.R. Štefanik, who also helped to establish the independed state. However, he did not live long enough to witness liberation of his people and visit the newly formed country. His plane crashed on May 4th, 1919 under yet unexplained circumstances near Bratislava. The tragic death and burial of M.R. Štefanik on May 11th in Brezová and Košariská became a nationwide event. The foundation stone of his tomb was laid down by the then Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia Eduard Beneš on 4th of May, 1924. The Memorial on Bradlo hill commemorates the life and work of the important Slovak politician, scientist and soldier Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880-1919). The tomb was designed and built by the brilliant Slovak architect Jurkovič in 1928. The tomb took 280 days to be built. The rectangular monument with west-east orientation has two spacious terraces and a tomb with a commemorative plaque. The corners of the mound feature 12-meter high slender obelisks.   


“In the open field a monument stands tall.“ (Jozef Pavlovič)
The family of a Protestant pastor in Košariská was really big and cheerfull. Milan Rastislav was born as the sixth of twelve children. Since childhood he loved stars. "Mommy, it´s my star," he would often point to the sky. In school he got straight A+. He was equally successful in his university studies in Prague. Then he decided he wanted to be an astronomer and went to France. It was a very difficult time for him, but eventually he succeeded. He even got a chance to observe stars from the highest European mountain Mont Blanc. He devoted all his strength and health to stars. Thanks to them, Štefanik got to know the whole world: Africa, Asia, America and Pacific Islands.   


Every year in May an event with a unique atmosphere is being held near the mound to commemorate this national hero and remind people of their national pride. The mound is also an attractive tourist destination offering a gorgeous view of the surrounding Kopaničiarsky region. Visitors can visit Bradlo (543 meters above sea level) using a 4 km long and well-maintained road.

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