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Wine Shop INVIVE-icon

Wine Shop INVIVE

Trenčianske Teplice

We would like to welcome you to our newly opened wine shop INVIVE in Trenčianske Teplice in PIKK house on Nádražná Street no. 10. Excellent access,…

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Restaurant REBEKA-icon

Restaurant REBEKA


The Rebeka restaurant, founded in May 1995, is located on the main road of Topoľčany-Prievidza in the village of Veľké Bielice , now part of…

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Matrix Club-icon

Matrix Club


The Matrix Club in Kanianka has been operating since 2003 . In 2009, it was moved to new premises, a terrace open during the summer season and a…

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ETAGE cocktail & music bar-icon

ETAGE cocktail & music bar


If you have a taste in Prievidza, for example, To an exotic drink or to sit down with friends and admire baroque art , or simply relax with a view…

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Slovak restaurant Nováky-icon

Slovak restaurant Nováky


The Slovak restaurant in Nováky can be found in the city center, on SNP Square. . It offers a pleasant sitting in a wood-paneled interior , both in…

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Dining room sv. Florian - CATERING KOREC-icon

Dining room sv. Florian - CATERING KOREC


Dining room sv. Florian - CATERING KOREC can be found in Prievidza on Lúčná Street . . Offers catering services - 6 kinds of food , one of which is…

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Classic brewery and restaurant in Sipok, Malinovsky street in Partizánske, close to the shopping center . . The atmosphere of older times , classic…

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Cafe casa mia-icon

Cafe casa mia

Bánovce nad Bebravou

The newly opened café CASA MIA is the first cafe you will encounter if you go shopping at OC TESCO in Bánovce nad Bebravou - it is directly opposite…

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