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City restaurant-icon

City restaurant

Považská Bystrica

City Restaurant Považská Bystrica is a modern restaurant offering the latest gastronomic specialties. Customers offer a varied selection of dishes…

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RYO Hospitality-icon

RYO Hospitality

Trenčianske Jastrabie

When taking a trip to Inovec , if you need some rest. "Get the Power", you can visit the small RYO Restaurant in the center of Trencin Jastrabia .…

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Hostinec Škulec-icon

Hostinec Škulec


The Škulec Guest House overlooks Čachtice Castle and is located in the village of Višňová and offers you a restaurant with a bar and free Wi-Fi in…

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PLAZAMOS RESTAURANT - Gazdovský dvor-icon



"PLAZAMOS Restaurant - Gazdovský Dvor" is a restaurant with a tradition that offers you a wide range of traditional Slovak dishes . It is located in…

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"STATE" Brewery For a sleeping man-icon

"STATE" Brewery For a sleeping man


"THE STATE" pivovar At the sleeping man you will find in the center of the village of Svinná in the building COOP Jednota . The space is…

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Nová Dubnica

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Espresso Pizza Grande-icon

Espresso Pizza Grande


PIZZA roasted in a wood oven is finished within minutes - two, As it is baked at very high temperature. The wood releases water when it burns,…

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FUNCAFFE is located just next to OD Prior at SNP Square in Partizánske . Excellent location , parking by the square, summer sitting outside . . We…

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