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Restaurant NADJA-icon

Restaurant NADJA

Trenčianska Turná

If you visit Trenčín surroundings in the direction of Inovec or Beckov, visit our classic restaurant with tradition in Trenčianska Turná . You will…

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Café REBEL-icon



The REBEL Cafe can be found in a circular view, opposite ZOC MAX, near the city center. . It is part of the KIKA hostel. With private parking, in…

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4play sports & coctail bar-icon

4play sports & coctail bar


4play is the perfect combination of good food , great beer and a stimulating male atmosphere . . Operation of the 4play restaurant is focused on…

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Hospitality Partizán-icon

Hospitality Partizán


Classic hospitality right behind "the bridges" in Trencin with a large covered summer terrace . . We serve alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages,…

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Ameti confectionery-icon

Ameti confectionery


Ameti - it is ice cream, drinks, desserts, sweet and savory snacks, pulp, coffee, ice cream cups .... . Prosto , if you are in Prievidza a Have a…

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RIO Taverna-icon

RIO Taverna

Horná Streda

Grilled specialties (roast pig, goat, lamb), great roast goose and duck. Duck and duck liver, locus. . Restaurant within 30 seats, outside terrace…

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Hospitality Center-icon

Hospitality Center

Trenčianske Jastrabie

Before going to Inovec or after a trip, you can have a refreshment at the classic hospitality in the center of Trenčianske Jastrabia. . Parking , a…

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Cafe Bar Harmonia-icon

Cafe Bar Harmonia


⇥ Cafe Bar Harmonia can be found in the multifunctional building Harmony on Brnianská Street in Trenčín, in the section "behind the bridges" , just…

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