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You will not miss the SLOVAK RESTAURANT . It is in Partizánske right by the main road, at the end of the city towards Prievidza. Excellent access,…

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Kursalon Trencianske Teplice-icon

Kursalon Trencianske Teplice

Trenčianske Teplice

Kursalon is a unique place where we combine traditional cuisine with modern gastronomy. . The restaurant's menu is complemented by a seasonal…

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Bistro TINA-icon

Bistro TINA

Veľké Bielice

If you are looking to remember the "old times" or go to watch the match and cheer with your friends, visit Bistro TINA . . It is in Great Bielice…

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Medulienka confectioneries-icon

Medulienka confectioneries


A bakery full of goodies from honest, natural gluten-free raw materials. We are a part of enthusiasts with a positive relationship to good and…

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UP CAFE coffee & snack-icon

UP CAFE coffee & snack


If you are waiting for a bus or train in Prievidza or just have a trip , please enjoy a moment in UP CAFE coffee & snack . . The pleasant small…

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Relux Cafe-icon

Relux Cafe

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

It's time for a great coffee;) So come and enjoy us. Relux Cafe. .

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Koliba Kálnica-icon

Koliba Kálnica


Close to Bike Park , in the beautiful Kálnice valley, there is a stylish restaurant with local regional cuisine. The menu includes bryndza halušky,…

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Irish Pub Stará Turá-icon

Irish Pub Stará Turá

Stará Turá

It's been nearly ten years since we managed to fulfill our secret dream. From our wandering around the world, we brought you a piece of…

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