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Grotta with a viewing tower

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Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovensko

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Grotta with a viewing tower belongs to the jewels of Považia and at the same time it is one of two preserved monuments of this kind in Slovakia and the only one reconstructed. He built it for the Ilehazzi family. Her popular name is "babylon". In miniature, the castle stands on a high rock, overlooking the surrounding area. Grotta is built as a summer gazebo of a regular octagonal shape made of a wooden structure mounted on an artificial rock, made of quarry and tuff stone, which in its appearance resembles a ruin consisting of an artificial grotto. There are ventilation openings on both sides of the tower. In the wall of the grotto are placed the coats of arms of Gašpar Ilešházi and his wife Helena Thurzová.

The tower consists of three parts:

The space that separates the top of the viewing tower from the lower one gives the impression of a gap, bridged by a bridge. At the top of the viewing tower there is a stone staircase. The bridge is about a meter wide and two to three meters long. Grotta is trapped by many narratives about secret corridors leading to Trenčiansky Castle, or other rooms and corridors in its unspoiled underground. Allegedly from the tower of the grotto it was possible to come to Trenčiansky castle. In the 40's, the tower destroyed the fire and the whole building began to wither. However, in September 2009, the reconstruction work of Grotty with the viewing tower was intensified under the supervision of the Regional Monument Authority in Trenčín on masonry, ceilings, access roads, new walls and floors, and the construction of the tower and the base was realized according to preserved period photographs and drawings. Renovation of Grotta with the sightseeing tower was completed in 2010.

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