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Exhibition of paintings - Drahoš Šťastný-icon

Exhibition of paintings - Drahoš Šťastný

Nová Dubnica

04. 01. 2019 - 20. 01. 2019

Exhibition of unique paintings with the theme of New Dubnice, created at the initiative of the city leadership. The sightseeing is mostly pleny…

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Club show of members of the Fénix photoclub-icon

Club show of members of the Fénix photoclub

Považská Bystrica

22. 11. 2018 - 20. 01. 2019

Považská Osvobození Center in Považská Bystrica, FÉNIX Photo Club, in cooperation with PX Center, cordially invite you to the Mier Cinema at the…

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Javorina, Javorina ...-icon

Javorina, Javorina ...

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

20. 01. 2019

In Nový Meste nad Váhom, after a year, a festive program called Javorina, Javorina ... . In addition to awarding the "Celebrity Personality of…

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Dubnický výtvarný salon-icon

Dubnický výtvarný salon

Dubnica nad Váhom

06. 12. 2018 - 31. 01. 2019

We invite you to the opening of the 8th annual exhibition of works by artists from Dubnice nad Váhom and the surrounding area. . Come to delight…

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