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Swimming pool Dubnica nad Váhom-icon

Swimming pool Dubnica nad Váhom

Dubnica nad Váhom

. If you want to cool off in the warm summer days, visit the summer swimming pool in Dubnica nad Váhom . . . You will find it in the wider city…

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Water reservoir Kanianka-icon

Water reservoir Kanianka


The reservoir in Kanianka, near Prievidza, is a magical place for relaxation and sport in the heart of the pure nature of Upper Nitra. . The close…

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Swimming pool and Lednické Rovne-icon

Swimming pool and Lednické Rovne

Lednické Rovne

. We invite you to the all-year-round operation of the kiosk in the newly reconstructed premises in the swimming pool complex on Športová street in…

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Summer swimming pool MŠK Púchov-icon

Summer swimming pool MŠK Púchov


If you are looking for a summer refreshment in Púchov, visit the summer swimming pool of MŠK . You will find it in the outskirts of Púchov on Ul.…

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Summer swimming pool Košeca-icon

Summer swimming pool Košeca


. Summer swimming pool in Kosice . . . The village of Košeca is surrounded by the nature of Strážovské vrchy and the White Carpathian Mountains.…

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Natural swimming pool Opatová-icon

Natural swimming pool Opatová

Trenčín - Opatová

. If you want to enjoy the summer and enjoy the opportunity to relax and sport in a natural environment close to Trenčín , one of the few…

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WolfGym Fitness Trenčín-icon

WolfGym Fitness Trenčín


Professionally furnished fitness center near the center of Trenčín, on the floor of the Keramoprojekt building. . If you want to dander your…

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CERAGEM Trenčín-icon



. The operation of CERAGEM Trencin in the city center, close to the hospital and the clinic, offers the possibility of removing spinal pain,…

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