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You can also take part in the summer photo competition "Sun in the lens"

Holidays, hiking, grilling, picnics, swimming pools or concerts ... the summer months open the door to perform all your favorite, sun-drenched activities. When you go on a trip and discover the beauties of the Trenčín region, don't forget to pack a camera and take summer fun in your service. In addition to getting a souvenir of the moment in a family album, you can also send the photo to a summer photo competition called "The Sun in the Lens" . Upload your photo between July 10, 2019 and August 11, 2019 and maybe you will get the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 9!

The competition was announced by the regional tourism organization (KOCR) Trenčín region as a stimulus for success and positive responses to previous photo competitions - the autumn "Trenčín region plays with colors", the winter "Winter is shimmering" and the spring "Trenčín region is waking up ". "We are very pleased that the public has become accustomed to our seasonal photo competitions, in which all ages like to take part. That is why we will give young photographers under the age of 18 the opportunity to excel in the summer photo competition, for whom a separate category has been created. The public will not decide on their location with their votes, but with an expert jury, " explained the addition of the new category to the chairman of KOCR Trenčín region, Juraj Gerlici.

Win one of 9 possible prizes

If you register your summer photo on the website http://www.trencinregion.sk/fotosutaz-leto2019 from July 10, 2019 to August 11, 2019, you will also be included in the competition. From the total number of submitted photos, the expert jury will select the 15 best, for which the public will subsequently vote, in the period from 14 August 2019 to 10 September 2019. The first three photos with the highest number of votes will receive valuable prizes.

The winner who gets the highest number of votes in the photo competition and places first will receive the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 , which will create a photo for you to wait for. The second place will be awarded with a voucher for dinner for 2 people in the restaurant Dubno in Nova Dubnica and the third winner will receive a free family ticket to the castle Beckov .

In the "Youth under 18" category, the winners will be decided by an expert jury on 13 August 2019. The three winners can also look forward to material prizes from the competition announcer.

Motivation in the form of attractive prices also awaits voters, who will be automatically included in the draw. Complete information and conditions of the competition are available on the above-mentioned website of the announcer of the competition and in the attached document.

In Trenčín, July 10, 2019

Author: MT


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