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OYSHI Sushi & Saké Bar

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Trenčín, Slovensko

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Visit our Oyshi sushi & saké bar at Farska 5 , in the center of Trencin and enjoy Japanese sushi on your own stomach.

A great gourmet and aesthetic experience will also allow you to experience Japanese culture and gastronomy in Trencin . Even if you have never tasted the sushi, do not hesitate, our staff will be happy to advise you.

What is OYSHI Sushi? In Japanese it means JUST SUSHI.

- Let's say this: Young professional chefs and gastronomic lovers who love Japan and his kitchen have decided to bring the Japanese discovery to Trenčín.

That's us. We only work with fresh ingredients and we serve the highest quality food. The menu is changed based on seasonal food and your recommendations.

Catering other OYSHI

Provides complete sushi and sake service . Fine food is prepared for parties , receptions , celebrations or weddings .

At your company or at home, we just do everything else .

We are ready to plan and implement an event that will be a gastronomic bomb .

If you just get a taste for something tasty Japanese or catering, call
To 0911 051 999 , or try the online ordering system on www. oyshi.sk

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Address Farská 5
91101 Trenčín

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