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The VKT 2018 kicked off the first joint venture

Above the regional town of Trenčín in Brezina forest park on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, the third year of the Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska cycle trip started on Kozom vrch. As a symbol of the fact that this year's twenty selected sites are really available for everyone, there are no tourists, runners and bikers, nor children's Nordic walkers or Nordic Walking fans (so-called Nordic Walking).

We met the project Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska (VKT) in our region for the first time in 2016 . Then, in April, a joint excursion to Jelenec over Trenčianska Závada began. The names were Radoslav Tilandy and Pavel Babica , who transposed this good idea into the Trenčín region through the Czech-Slovak border. A major role was played by the bathrobe Jaroslav Baška, who took this cycling project under the protective wings of the self-governing region. Since then the Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj (TSK) together with the regional tourism organization Trenčín Region has been the general partner of the project. He sets out every year and presents 20 highlights of the Trenčín region , which are worth seeing, visiting and getting to know. The selected peaks are the perfect inspiration for active leisure activities for tourists, runners, dogs, families with children and experienced bikers. In the top selection, each year they have their representation as lookout points and the highest peaks, as well as pilgrimage places, castles or even caves. The reward is for anyone who visits the peaks during the eight months (April - November), hanging on the photo and uploading it to the project website www.vkt-bike.sk .

Finally, the weather came to the end of the night

The year 2018 is written, and on April 10, VKT fans are back on the field. This time they have about 3.5 km ahead of Kozí vrch above Trenčín. The route is considerably easier and shorter than it was in 2017, when the night drive led to Beckov Castle. A shorter route should be a symbol of this year's project message. This makes it more responsive to less experienced tourists and cyclists, but also to young families. Even these people want to transfer the sites of the Trenčín Region this year, which should not be unrecognizable. Those who graduated from this year's start at the Kozí vrch have been cycling alongside TSK chairman Jaroslav Bašek. About 50 athletes eventually also liked flying weather. "The Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska project is really good and has taken us in the region. Although we do not have either the High Tatras or the Big Fatra, we also have peaks and hills, which are structured for cyclists as well. This year, the organizers have also selected less difficult hills, so I recommend to every fan of cycling, mountain biking, running or walking in nature. I thank the organizers who have come up with this idea and in this way promote not only a healthy lifestyle but also the promotion of the beauty of the Trenčín region " , said Jaroslav Baška, who came forward with good news. About one month at the end of May this year, he would like to invite all cyclists to open the first part of the Weighing Cycle Route , which runs from Horná Streda to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The second part of the cycle route, from Púchov to Nosickú dam, should be available by the end of August. The Trenčín County has the right to decide on the construction of two other sections, from Nové Mesto nad Váhom to Trenčín and from Považská Bystrica to the border with Žilina self-governing region. At the same time, TSK should begin this year with the construction of a cycle path leading from Trenčiansky castle through the pilgrimage site Skalka nad Váhom to Nemšová, where it joins an existing cycling trail, which runs along the border with the Czech Republic.

Everyone who is thinking about joining the VKT project can do so at the web site of the project. The choice of the top 20 peaks is truly unique, the wells, the mausoleum, the lookout, the mound and the quarry are not lost, converted to the pilgrimage site . The time to discover the region through natural and historical beauties lasts until the end of November.

Source: Odd. communication and international relations of TSK

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