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Charm Rematy

As the winter is coming from behind the window, this time we are going to push our boots down the snow. We greet you at the famous Remata resort before the start of this year's winter season.

The rugged mountain area of ​​Remata is situated in the middle of Slovakia, at the crossroads of Žiar and Kremnické vrchy. You can find it near the village of Ráztočno, 7 kilometers from Handlová and 16 kilometers east of the district of Prievidza. The resort is accessible by car and train, which has a stop right at Remate.

As we read from wise books, the name Remata is derived from the Latin word "heremita" or "eremita", which means a solitary. Findings of the remains of a masonry church, a broken bell, oak chests, and stories confirm that Remate was formerly a detention center in the past. Today, this recreation area is well known for its intact nature, clean air and the ski resort, where Slovak paralympics are trained with long tradition.

In Kremnické vrchy you can enjoy romantic walks in nature. There are several educational trails and marked hiking trails, which can be managed even during the winter. And right now, when everything is covered with a white feather, the experience of this environment is even more intense.

In the field we have also chosen. We were fascinated by Bral's Rock, the most prominent dominator who majestically faces Remata. The yellow tourist mark can be picked from Handlová, we start at Remate, especially at Poniklec chalet. The hiking trail is right through the resort. He will not give us and after a while we will walk from the road to the slope, from where a hill of joy enters, literally. The children's jaw and the grown-ups of the grown-ups can be heard from afar. A snowy hill and Sunday afternoon are enjoyed by families with children. Shawls, shovels, or other slips are in full swing.

"We're cooking cooking. When he comes up with a little snow, I'll kick off with my kids right now. This neighborhood is the best place for children to go out and we have parents with them, "says Mr. Ondrej from nearby Handl. Twice we climb an undemanding slope, and on the rental shovel we start our nostalgia downstairs. We continue on the road, but we will stop again in the mountain hotel Remata for a coffee. Before entering, we welcome the table with the map and marked tourist attractions. The attentive hotel staff will provide information on what to do next.

We head to the forest above the hotel. For a while, we wander in the snow through a steep trail up to Bral Rock. Despite the fact that the outside thermometer shows exactly the freezing point, the chill does not feel when it's uphill. Perinbaba pours a feather, and we enjoy this magic moment, far from hurting and everyday duties. Take the snow beneath your feet and work hard on the eagle - that's the only thing in the woods to hear. Soon we are up and a little bit of breathing in our eyes is from the rock on Remat. With good visibility, there is a beautiful view over the entire Prievidza district, including the town of Handlová, or Kľak, the highest peak in the immediate vicinity. Today, however, thanks to the milk fog that is expanding everywhere, we see Remat and its surroundings from a completely different perspective - such a winter, fairytale. After a while, the turn and the way back. If you have chosen a more demanding route, you can continue on marked hiking trails through Sklenice meadows to Ráztočna or on the opposite side to Sedlo pod Vysokou.

The whole trip took us over two hours. We are pleasantly tired to our starting point, chapel Poniklec. The "gingerbread cottage" of the woods attracts attention at first glance. A cheerful group of middle-aged tourists alternates between the doors. When asked if we are good here, they will respond quickly: "Yes, sure, they do not have such a killer! Sit down! "We're going to try out what good they'll do for us. The offer includes traditional Slovak cuisine, specialties of piglets, but also a little easier, vegetable for "dieters". We first tasted a chicken broth and a cake, both of which went to excellent. Bryndza halušky and pork tenderloin on mushrooms also did not disappoint. A dear operator who fills the pleasant atmosphere of the facility has just confirmed that hunger is unnecessary on Remate. Outside, it has gone dark and we have to slowly take home.

The winter visit to Remata, however, offers a lot of experiences and the person will not be bored here even for long stays. Horses fans will come to their Navaho riding club, which can not be reached by the turn of Remata from the main road. The ornamental ponds are also worth mentioning. In the winter you can catch a fish or look at the gazdovský dvůr with animals. After the cold winter activities, the hotel welcomes you in the mountain hotel Remata. The facility also provides several sports services, congress and teambuilding equipment.

If you want to go a little further, you will find Bojnice, one of the most beautiful chateaux in Central Europe, and one of the oldest zoos in Slovakia. An unusual experience is also offered by the Hornonitriansky open-air museum - the Cigeľ mine, where you can try the crowns in the bowl of mines and go the same way that miners experience in their work.

At the time of our visit, in mid-December, we learned that the opening of the ski resort in Remate is threatened this season. If that is the case, you do not need to have your head in grief. We also have a tip for skiing greedy, namely the ski resort Cigeľ. There are only twenty minutes' drive from Remata, and downhill skiing here has a long tradition. The first ski lift was put into operation in 1979. The resort offers two ski slopes - 800 and 280 meters. If necessary, it has artificial snow and you can also enjoy evening skiing. The probable date for the opening of the 2017/2018 ski season was set at the end of December, depending on the actual snow conditions. In addition to downhill skiing, Cigli has a rich history as well. With enough snow cover, approximately 40 kilometers of modified cross-country ski runs are available.

Concluding to Remat. Pleasantly surprised by her winter charm, natural scenery, she also enjoyed our taste buds. We can recommend the area as a place for active relaxation and moments of well-being in lone beautiful winter nature.

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