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Stará Myjava, Slovensko

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Myjavan Kopanice, a region where she lives harmoniously in harmony with nature, where people come to life with unrepeatable humor, where you can see the native where Myjava is called "The Metropolis under the Snow".

Here, in the valley of the Myjavy River, at the foot of the White Carpathians lies the village of Stará Myjava.


The Ski Resort Stará Myjava, located in the protected landscape area of ​​the White Carpathian Mountains, is a family-run character. The difficulty of the slopes is for such a category of skiers. There are three slopes with a length of 2 x 500 m and 150 m in the center, suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Five-hundred-foot slopes run parallel to each other and are artificially illuminated. Evening skiing runs from Wednesday to Saturday. A disco on a slope is held every Saturday at the resort. The base station is situated at an altitude of 460m above sea level and the highest point of the center is 550m above the sea level. Ski Resort Stará Myjava from the surrounding ski resorts is necessary for the existence of the resort. For cross-country skiers, cross-country ski trails with a total length of 14km are provided. In terms of services, there is a buffet, a ski school, a downhill ski and snowboard school, a ski rental and a ski service. Parking is available directly in the resort area.

In summer sunny days, you can choose cycling paths running through football. Routes offer stunning views of the countryside and the Kopanic settlement. Tourists can choose to visit the hill Roh, where the monumental monument SNP or Great Javorina is located. Under the hill Roh is built a marked Bielokarpatský riding path, which leads to the summit of Veľká Javorina. In the riding area there is the possibility of horses to be housed and accommodated by riders.

Directly in the village of Stará Myjava there is a very nice leisure center with accommodation and catering options. The water reservoir lying amid the forested slopes of Myjavská hills offers recreation opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. And whoever would like to taste Myjav's delicacies, we'll say that Myjave's reigns of plum balls or cones and pork specialties. But we must not forget the aperitif - homemade brandy.


It is the highest point in the area and is twenty meters high. Viewing Tower Poľana pri Brestovci. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills and mountains. The possibility to see the White Carpathians, the Great Javorina Massif, Myjava Hill, the Small Carpathians, Považský Inovec, Tribeč, Vtáčnik and Strážovské vrchy. Lush shapes of the Myjavian landscape. Landscapes where people live according to extraction order, where they rely on the work of their hands and common sense. Harmony landscape of myjavan kickers.



It is a standing exposition of the typical Myanmar kopanic settlement from the late 19th century. All exposed exhibits are originals that passed through the hands of the former inhabitants. Exposure is "live". The host house is home to the host with the gazebo. I will offer you a home cook's home, show host pet care, learn to bind Myjav's towel, or give you the chance to try Myjavan's costume.


This strange miracle in Jablonka has grown out of the country recently. Its owner and creator, Mr. Viliam, takes you in an eye-catching way to the interior of this original mansion. Everything is strange to him - the arches, the chimney, the walls, the floor, the fireplace and the stairs leading to the attic sky. We invite everyone who likes fairy tales and surprises: "Get in!"

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