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Modra, Slovensko

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Located in the Small Carpathians , which are part of the Carpathians, in western Slovakia. The south-western part is formed by Devínska Kobyla in Bratislava, the northeastern part of the Čachtice Carpathians near Nový Meste nad Váhom and the village of Čachtice in the Trenčín Region. Both areas are separated from the main mountain range. The protected area covers an area of ​​646.1 km².

The Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Small Carpathians is the only large-scale protected area of ​​the wine-growing character. The Small Carpathians represent the marginal mountain range of the Inner Carpathians, extending to their southwest tip. There are nuclear horizons with a specific development of crystalline, with both packing and percussion units. Granitoid rocks, limestones, slate, phyllites, amphibolites and other rocks of the Nuclear Mountains are exiting in the area.

The only accessible cave in the Protected Landscape Area is the Drina Cave (680 m long) in Smolenic Karst, interesting for its genius and rich sintro decoration.

From the cultural - historical aspect there is a significant cave Deravská skala near Plavecký Mikuláš, which was inhabited by a man in the older Stone Age and the Great Cave near Vrbov.

The area is mostly covered with deciduous forests with beech, slimy ash, maple and linden. Of non-native woods there is chestnut. In the thermophilous herbaceous - herbal communities, there is a spring pheasant, a goldfish southern, a perennial pheasant, the Lumnitzer vulture. Among the species, which have only one occurrence in Slovakia, are the lingolate, the lobster lobster, the racemiak rocky.

Small Carpathians have a species-rich variety of animals. Over 700 species of butterflies and about 20 species of ants have been found here. From the richly represented birds, from the castle ruins can be mentioned, for example, a scaly rock and a scarlet of gray. The falcon falcon has the most abundant occurrence in Slovakia in the Little Carpathians. Other species of nesting birds include, for example, black bocians, common bee-eaters, short-tailed hawk-moths, roe-beetles, roe-beetles, commonweed.

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Address Malé Karpaty Štúrova 115
900 01 Modra

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Bojnice, Slovensko


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