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A novelty has been added to Trenčín Castle - augmented reality

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021, the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR) presented the Trenčín region at the Trenčín Castle with a new attraction and a hot news for visitors, a new augmented reality that can be used throughout the Barborin Palace. In order for visitors to use it, all they need to do is download the free application to a mobile device containing a gyroscope.

The application enchants with depictions of period furniture, historical figures, interesting animations, mini-games or reliefs and frescoes on the walls of the room. “By creating an application for the needs of Trenčín Castle, KOCR Trenčín wants to complement, make more attractive and modernize the offer of services for visitors to this national cultural monument. The KOCR Trenčín region assumes that, thanks to the application, the castle will attract even more visitors looking for innovations and modern technologies, ”explained the purpose of the application, the chairman of the KOCR Trenčín region, Juraj Gerlici.

Closer to history again

Thanks to the application, visitors will complete comprehensive information about the history of Barborin Palace, as well as Hedvige Tešínská, Ján Zápoľský and stonemasonry marks. There are also 2 mini-games that will delight not only young visitors. All you have to do is come closer to a large dining table or candlestick with your phone, and they can immediately engage in dining or lighting candles.

When the application is running, it is recommended to move freely around the room, so that not a single detail of the space escapes the human eye. Augmented reality offers a unique view of what it might have looked like in this part of the castle in the Middle Ages.

"It's something new, it's an application that will brighten up the show. It will no longer be just a guided tour. Although it is actually furnished with only one table and several chairs, the application will transfer them to a room where historical figures in period clothes, banquets are located and will be able to light candles on a candlestick, for example, thanks to a mini game. The application brings new information in an interesting form, ”said Peter Martinisko, director of the Trenčín Museum in Trenčín.

Available to everyone

“When developing the application, meetings are always important, where, in addition to functionalities, the visual itself is also addressed, so we had many meetings with the Trenčín Museum in Trenčín and KOCR Trenčín region, where we took over these things together. We had to completely model the entire space, figures or furniture, ”commented Ivan Zelenay, CEO of Yahart sro, on the course of creating the application.

The application called “Hrady3D” showing the 3D space of Barborinho Palace at Trenčín Castle can be downloaded to a mobile device free of charge in the case of both operating systems, ie Android and iOS. In addition to the Slovak language, it is also available in English and German. Trouble-free functionality is guaranteed for devices older than two years with a functional gyroscope.

The project was implemented thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

In Trenčín 30.6.2021

Text: MT

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