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Nitrianske Pravno, Slovensko

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PENSION JOHANKA is a restored 18th-century mansion right in the center of Nitra Pravna .

The house has a charm of history and modern comfort of accommodation . The hotfalls do not have the meter walls . The pleasant master of the house is here. In the winter, no one will shake. Wooden ceilings , ancient floors and a ceramic furnace in winter are beautiful. And if you do not, you will get a striped wool bundle. Lip tea, and coffee in forhause do not have steam. And those mercurial buns ... Closed, terrible courtyard gives privacy . Garden sitting and swing in the hammock , sandpit , grill .

You park the car straight in front of the entrance , the night is closed in the garden . Dog Ajax, a brave cocker-dog, will take it away. It offers its company in playgrounds and walks to nature . In a small kitchen you can do it, but we will be glad to find you , our home cookery . Cyclists are our friends. We will take your bicycle off, we can guide you along 420 km of marked cycling routes . The square in front of the house is blessed with children's games and sitting on the bench .

Courtyard offer

That 's what we've got to do to set up a trip. Cable television, telephone, satellite, video, but you will see or remember yourself.

Horses and hobbies

The children carry a pony with a wheelchair in the village. Dookola are thermal swimming pools in Chalmova, Bojnice, Rajecké Teplice, Rajci, Turcianske Teplice. Water areas in Nedožeroch-Brezanoch, Lazanoch, Kanianke, Nitrianske Rudne. To Bojnický Castle 12 km. Bethlehem in Rajecká Lesná. Lifts in Fačkovský saddle, Vyšehradnom, Porube, Remate, Chvojnice. And Cicmany hen behind the hill. Cross-country skiing tracks. Gold-eyed Stage and Dog Wraps. Shek husk breeder. Cat breeder. Herbalists. Beekeepers and Sweet Honey. Philatelists. Mail (once a week open until the fifth). And the hide from the Hrnčiars painting the Easter eggs. When you arrive at Easter, you will whistle the whisk of the willow and you will get the egg after the lamb.

Add a fry, do not feed. You do not find a good place to live right now.

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Address Námestie SNP 392/24
97213 Nitrianske Pravno

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