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Photos KOCR Trenčín region is part of the award-winning calendars of Slovakia 2018

Variety, imagination, story. These are just some of the selection criteria from the many contributions sent to the Most Beautiful Calendar of Slovakia 2018 competition. But only a few of them have finally won the prize.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, a jury's assessment of the Slovak calendars in 2018 became the most beautiful or the most original in the State Science Library in Banská Bystrica. The winning calendars also show that fantasy is not the limit. The original ideas screamed from each rack in the banquet of the Banská Bystrica state library. They presented a wide range of focus, from cultural sights and art, through natural beauties, to pictures that capture everyday life. The title of the most beautiful calendar of Slovakia 2018 was a total of 46 table and wall calendars this year. "It is obvious that the idea of ​​creating calendars is old as humanity itself. People always needed and needed a quick orientation in time, months, and days. Therefore, it is more than delightful that in 1992 a new Slovak tour was born in Banská Bystrica - the idea of ​​presenting the calendar of domestic production. Good production comes from my mind, heart and spirit, and from a pure heart I can say that the national tour of national calendars still has its own dignity, quality background and has been credible and convincing for other years, "Professor Jaroslav Uhel, chairman of the jury, wrote for the calendar.

This year the honor to present the cultural wealth of the Trenčian region and TSK's message as Green County was given in Banská Bystrica for the calendar and table calendar of the region for 2018. Wall calendar The cultural wealth of the Trenčín Region , issued by Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj (TSK) in cooperation with the regional tourism organization (KOCR) Trenčín Region, on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, received silver from the Wall Calendars Calendar category. His individual pages present familiar and less well-known monuments in the region. Thanks to it, not only the inhabitants of the county have the opportunity to learn about the locality of the Trenčín region, which until now have not even been heard. The artistic photographs capture, for example, the national cultural monument Beckov Castle, the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia, Skalka nad Váhom, one of the most beautiful chateaux in Central Europe - the Bojnice Castle or the picturesque church in Haluzice.

The TSK desktop calendar traditionally presents an environmentally friendly TSK project called Green County. On his pages there are pictures related to the individual areas of the project and the life of the inhabitants of the region, the county organizations and the Office itself. Their order represents the traditional annual cycle of the Trenčín Region as the Green County. The jurors also took on the novelty in the form of the puzzle game, which is part of the calendar. In the Table Calendars category, this representative of TSK won bronze .

The calendars of Trenčiansky region will be known throughout Slovakia

Winning calendars in all categories are now wandering around Slovak towns. "Our appreciation, of course, is enjoying. The exhibition is additionally a beautiful added value. Not only through it, but also thanks to the strong legacy and story that both calendars represent, the information about the cultural heritage of the county and the awareness of the importance of protecting the environment will reach a larger number of people, "said Trenčiansky župan Jaroslav Baska. but also in the only village of Muráň Although the TSK calendars were published in a limited edition , some of them are already decorated by the households of the region, and the TSK chairperson has personally presented them to the winners of the calendars, such as successful athletes from the Trenčín Sports Gymnasium TSK's founding scope, voluntary firefighters from some Voluntary Fire Brigades, directors of some county facilities, mayors, mayors, and the public.

Thanks and congratulations also belong to the authors of photos used in the TSK wall calendar. They come from the photographic competition "Trenčiansky kraj cez fotoobjektív", announced by the KOCR Trenčín region in 2016. "The photos in the TSK wall calendar come from the category of the monument and the nature of our competition, to which we have registered professional or lay photographer," said the executive director of KOCR Trenčín region Eva Frývaldská.

The TSK award in the competition was last managed to win a calendar calendar with a green crayon in Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj - Green County in 2016. The creative solution of the calendar from the 24th edition of the Best calendar of Slovakia 2016 in the category A3 calendar wall calendar was bronze.

In addition to announcing the results of the 26th edition of the Most Beautiful Calendar of Slovakia, the winners of the competition were awarded also during the 11th edition of the Best Book and Promotional Material of Slovakia for 2017. The main organizer of both events is the Club of Photopublicists of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists in cooperation with the State Library of Banská Bystrica. The results of the Most Beautiful Calendar of Slovakia 2018 competition can be found at the organizer's web site .

Source: Odd. communication and international relations of TSK

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