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Klátova Nová Ves

. SALAŠ KOSTRÍN can be found in the beautiful natural environment of Jan Ves , part of Klatovy Nová Ves towards Skýcov (direction Zlaté Moravce).…

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Salaš Udiča


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Family Farm Ovisfarma sro manages 219 hectares of agricultural land in the cadastral area of ​​Udič, in the beautiful surroundings of Strážovské…

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Koliba Papradno


Enjoy the incoming spring and beautiful natural scenery in the pleasant environment of Koliby Papradno . The facility is located in a conservation…

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Salaš Spring


In the beautiful surroundings of Strážovské vrchy lies the small village of Spring. Information boards marked Salaš will bring you directly to the…

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Koliba Drietomica


Traditional wooden log cabin is located in a picturesque environment of the protected landscape area of ​​the White Carpathians - about 7 km from…

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Koliba Pacho

Veľká Čausa

. Do not hesitate to visit Koliba Pacho . We have a lot of specialties prepared for you , children 's playground with attractions . Get an…

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Koliba Kálnica


Close to Bike Park , in the beautiful Kálnice valley, there is a stylish restaurant with local regional cuisine. The menu includes bryndza halušky,…

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FarmaPark Lubina


For both little and big animal lovers there is the FarmaPark in Lubina.. The farm is contact-based, you can enjoy being with the animals in close…

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