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Haluzice – the church and gorge-icon

Haluzice – the church and gorge


Photographers love the charming scenery of these sacred ruins especially at sunrise and at sunset. The most breathtaking moments, however, are…

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The observation tower Veľký Lopeník-icon

The observation tower Veľký Lopeník

Nová Bošáca

A symbol of friendship between the two nationsThe observation tower Veľký Lopeník, Nová BošácaThe spirit of kopanice in the county near New Bošáca…

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Castle Košeca-icon

Castle Košeca

Košecké Podhradie

Today only remnants of meter-high walls and a few rocks can tell the story of once proud castle with a troubled history.  . HISTORY  . The story of…

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Brunovce Manor House-icon

Brunovce Manor House


Onion roofs in the Váh mirror . Just a short walk to the Nové Mesto nad Váhom - on the right bank of the river Váh - you can not miss a picturesque…

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Observatory in Partizánsky-icon

Observatory in Partizánsky


In the northwest part of Partizánske called Mala Bielnice, you can find an observatory that has been open to the public since 1988. The over 5-meter…

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Roman inscription-icon

Roman inscription


Footprint of Roman Legions . Roman inscription from 179 to Kr. carved into the castle palace below Brezina in Trenčín represents one of the few…

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Observation tower Brestovec-icon

Observation tower Brestovec


ABOUT THE TOWERA spectacular 21.5 meters high wooden observation tower Brestovec - Poľana stands on the edge of the grove in the picturesque village…

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The observation tower Žalostiná-icon

The observation tower Žalostiná


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A simple beautyThe observation tower Žalostiná, ChvojnicaThe lovely reddish wooden observation tower with a carved roof decorates the hill Žalostiná.…

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