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DRUGETOVA kúria-icon



Renaissance building, once a noble mansion, built in the early 17th century. It is a ground floor two-winged building with a sidewall and a façade,…

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Roman-Gothic church-icon

Roman-Gothic church

Klátova Nová Ves

Kostolík on the canyon tower Čížik . Sádok originates part of the village of Klatovy Nová Ves and interested in sacral monuments finds it only 11…

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Farský Church of All Saints-icon

Farský Church of All Saints


Church under the church . The church of all saints is also called by the Trinitarian Church, because it was part of the Icycloser. Its origin dates…

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Church of the Most Holy Trinity and the Assumption of Our Lady-icon

Church of the Most Holy Trinity and the Assumption of Our Lady


Piarists and their angelic illusion . The most prehistoric Prievidza is a Piarist church. The founder of this building aurbanistic work was the…

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Karner sv. Michala-icon

Karner sv. Michala


From the chapel of the chapel and the armory ... . In the area of ​​the parish church under Trenčiansky castle, a Medieval karner (ossuary) is…

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House of Wards-icon

House of Wards

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

The National Cultural Monument Dom of the Urban and Granary was proclaimed in 1993. It is made up of several monumental objects: . . House of Wards…

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Jan Procner Banque Museum-icon

Jan Procner Banque Museum


It was founded in 2001. The statute of the museum was acquired in 2004. It contains 400 exhibits from the history of the city as well as from the…

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Rakovsky Mansion-icon

Rakovsky Mansion


Valley of manor houses and healing . The newbees of the past due to the surrounding mineral wealth are a relatively large city. Many citizens in…

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