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Salaš Spring

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Pružina, Slovensko

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In the beautiful surroundings of Strážovské vrchy lies the small village of Spring. Information boards marked Salaš will bring you directly to the economic court, where we process our own production of raw sheep's milk for the health of delicious delicious raw specialties. You can buy these in a period store and enjoy not only the products but also the unforgettable mountaineering atmosphere.

From traditional products we produce: Sheep cheese, 100% Sheep cheese bryndza, Žinčica, Nite sheep cheese, Sheep cheese smoked. Among the non-traditional sheep's products are: Sheep white yoghurt, blueberry and honey, 4 kinds of cheeses, Sheep cheese spicy, Sheep cheese matured, Ovca urda, Ovca urda ala Herian, Sheep butterfly,

The yearly production of sheep's milk allows us to supply our customers with white gold in billets throughout the year. Unpasteurised sheep bryndza is a probiotic bomb, as always p. Prof. Ebringer, who made analyzes of his Slovak traditional food with his college at Comenius University in Bratislava. He found that in 1 g of bryndza there are 1 billion healthy microorganisms and about 30 kinds of milk bacteria. It is therefore important that Slovak foods remain on our market and that the customer knows where they can get them.

Our products are awarded the SK GOLD quality marks or the SK Quality Marks. Every year, we also participate in sheep events and cheese competitions, where we are awarded the leading awards for our products, as well as the Master of Cheese.

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Address Pružina 391
018 22 Pružina

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