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NONSTOP - Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska

12. 09. 2017 - 17. 09. 2017

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Tuesday 12. September 2017 -
Sunday 17. September 2017
in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday



NONSTOP - Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska
NONSTOP - Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska

NONSTOP - Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska

Have you been working on your calf during the summer and you like challenges? For all extreme cyclists, there is another event where even the most enduring!

The Trenčianska Vrchárska koruna project connects 20 summits in the Trenčín Region, which must be taken by the competitors on foot or by bicycle during the months of April to November. The organizers of this project, after last year's premiere this year, have prepared their extreme cycling version, in which competitors have to conquer all 20 peaks at the same time within a maximum of 6 days (144 hours from the start). The route of this endurance cycle is 555 km with an elevation of 12,555 m , which is a real challenge! The official mass start is scheduled for Tuesday , September 12, 2017, at 10.00 am in Trenčín at the Športklub brewery . However, it is also possible to start it individually until 14.9.2017.

The partner of the event is also the regional tourism organization Trenčín region. For more information, please see the enclosed presentation sessions as well as the website:

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