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Public Library of Michal Rešek in Trenčín

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Trenčín, Slovensko

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Trenčín is a gorgeous cultural city, so, of course, there is no public library. He is named after a significant bernolák-oriented collector and publisher of Slovak books, disciples and literary manuscripts - Michal Rešetk. As a Slovak nationalist, a Catholic priest and an educator, he has an irreplaceable place in the history of Slovak book culture as well as literature.

The spirit of a prominent Slovak personality faded into the spirit of the library, which proudly bears its name, and as a public library provides readership to books lovers not only for the city of Trenčín but also for other districts. The book fund collected more than 220,000 book volumes. Library services are far from ending up for lending books. Of course, access to the Internet, organizing various cultural and social events, educational events for children and youth, and also as a community center. Library readers can spend up to 65 hours a week.

Hurried history

Her history began to write the library in 1925 at the State Folk School. A reading room with 48 titles was established in 1937. Four years later, he packs a bookcase and moves to the annex building of the district court. In 1945, he was interrupted and became a refuge for people fleeing the front of the eastern Slovakia. A year later, he returns to his original mission on the premises of the old train station to move to his final address in 1950.

Wifi and fresh air

In the course of time, other departments, the reading room, were created in 1973 even as a bookstore workshop. Together with students there are other readers and other readers. Since 2009, the library has a new logo and website design. A wifi connection and a summer reading room are also available from 2014.

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