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Support the Three Keys for Katarína project

Get to know the miserable story of a young Katarína from the Stiborovce family and help her regain her wrongly taken away estate

Part of the "Three Keys to Catherine" project is a competition through which visitors to these three castles can win valuable prizes. Just help the young noble Katarína. If you visit the castellans of Čachtice, Beckovsky and Plavecký castles, you will receive a faithful copy of the royal charter from everyone. In order to help Katarína to open the family treasure, it is necessary to obtain one key from each castellan at the same time and send it together with the document to the address of the municipality of Čachtice. It is possible to become part of the project and the common history until September 21, 2019.

Anyone can support the project

Voluntary contributions from the public will be used by the organizers to implement the project. Specifically for the purchase of information banners, markings, documents for collecting stamps with keys, production of stamps, production of a wooden chest with three locks, purchase of a seal with the coat of arms of Sigismund of Luxembourg, calligraphy paper, stamp for stamping Sigismund's ducat and plies to be used in production ducats. Thanks to your contributions, it is possible to make this project more attractive for you and your children.


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