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Myjava, Slovensko

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The Myanmar region has become a major cultural and historical center during its development . Kopanic settlement, prominent personalities, as well as important historical milestones in the life of the Slovak nation, influenced the culture and way of life of Myjavská hora.

And this cultural heritage is in the main focus of a specialized institution under the title Center of Traditional Culture in Myjav.

CTK in Myjave is oriented to traditional folk culture. The events that are organized are often razed, and they often cross the borders not only of their region but also of Slovakia. Additionally, the Center searches, archives and makes available various documents, works as a specialist-advisory, educational, methodological and information center. It offers creative activities and a pleasant time spent directly at the source of local culture.

CTK events in Myjav

One of its main priorities is the organization of the International Folklore Festival MYJAVA . However, it organizes a number of public events focused on different areas of traditional folk culture. Favorite are educational events for kindergartens, elementary schools and secondary schools in the Gajdos Court in Turej Lúke as well as educational seminars, courses, music-dance workshops and camps.

Center as a publisher

During several years of existence, the CTK in Myjave collected a wealth of materials and information. And so it does not seem to have editorial activity on his account. From his workshop came some really beautiful book pieces, either a chef, a book about slivovitz, or various collections and professional publications in the field of music and dance folklore. A positive attitude towards culture has been building from early childhood, and for both small and large, she has prepared a cut-out with a costume-themed painter or a playful pax. You can also find DVDs or CDs with folk dances and songs in the production.

Come to experience true copan tradition and culture among local art enthusiasts at one of the events. Before visiting, take a close look at the schedule of stock, maybe you will be lucky and you will come across farm markets. Local cuisine and traditional crafts are also worth mentioning.

Mission of CTK in Myjava

The Center for Traditional Culture in Myjave (CTK) is a cultural and educational facility with a specialized focus on traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage that actively promotes the development of these areas in the interests of citizens and the needs of towns and cities.

CTK in Myjave by identifying and defining a specialized focus - protecting and developing traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage - provides and fulfills the roles and activities in the territorial jurisdiction of the Myjava towns and municipalities.

In particular, the following tasks are fulfilled in the course of its mission:

(A) reserves, preserves, protects, makes available, documents, inventories and creatively uses traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage,

B) acts as an expert-advisory, educational, methodological and information center in the field of traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage and provides consultancy services to cultural-educational activities,

(C) organize creative activities and contribute to the preservation, protection and accessibility of the values ​​of traditional folk culture and intangible cultural heritage,

D) develop the cultural potential of municipalities and regions and develop their cooperation and partnerships on the territory of the Slovak Republic and abroad,

E) establishes direct relations with other legal and natural persons with a similar focus in the Slovak Republic and abroad,

F) secures and organizes cultural activities of local and regional character for specific population groups,

G) performs promotional and promotional activities related to the securing of shares for which it is the organizer or co-organizer,

H) prepares conceptual, program and development projects in the field of ethnology and folklore professionally and organizationally prepares cultural, social and educational events of regional, supraregional and international character in this field,

I) archives materials documenting different forms of living traditional folk culture and creates archive and study material for the public, digitizes archive materials, records collectives and individuals working in various fields of folklism and living traditional folk culture, documents and archives their activities,

J) spreading the database via multimedia.

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