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the rain

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Milan Rastislav Štefánik - as we (not) know him

Slovak National Museum - The Museum of the Slovak National Councils in cooperation with the artist Adam Novot, game developer Matej Novotný and the…

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Pedal cars at Trenčín Castle

All admirers and collectors of toy cars, lovers of veterans and car racers beware!. From October 1, 2020, the barracks at Trenčín Castle will be…

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Bata is not just shoes

The Regional Tourism Organization Trenčín Region has become a cross-border partner of the Central Moravian Tourist Board in a project entitled "The…

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Booth in the bedroom

It used to be a mining school. Today, the Jabloň Gallery is being built in this building. Gallery in the sense of the passage. Watching the rebirth…

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At a thick beech

Just a step from the sprawling Moravia, it is attached to the heart of Javorina. Even so, the location of the village of Lubina could be located,…

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ŠTÚR TÚR knows all the winners!

The summer game ŠTÚR TÚR, announced by the regional tourism organization (KOCR) Trenčín region, is officially over. Thanks to the competition, the…

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Good in the region, holiday in the region

Although the summer season of 2020 tested the health and patience of all of us, we believe that you were not cut short by the holiday experience.…

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Become a video star Trenčín region!

Do you like discovering beauties in the Trenčín region? Do you travel with your half and you won't let your native chest go? In such a case, you…

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