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On average, tourists spent the most nights in the Trenčín Region

Trenciansk region is a popular destination among domestic and foreign tourists. In the first half of 2018, the Trenčín region visited 173,588…

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Dolina with three castles

Slovakia is often referred to as an automobile power, but it also dominates in another area. . About 120 castles have been preserved in its…

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Pilot barrier-free destination

The KOCR website www.trencinregion.sk has served as the main information channel for three years and provides valuable information about the stay in…

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The wandering around the region with the camera is wobbling

For almost two months, the Region of Trenčín region has been running an autumn photo contest "Trenčiansky kraj hrá farby" on the website of the…

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We to the neighbors and neighbors to us

FIJET SLOVAKIA under the auspices of the General Director of the Tourism Section at the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak…

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Best hoteliers were awarded during the Haute Grandier Gala Dinner in Dubai

One of the most important events for all hoteliers in the world is the Haute Grandier Global Valuation, which took place this year on November 1,…

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The first year of the festival took place, it will become a tradition?

The neighboring relations of municipalities near Trenčín are direct demonstrations. Microregion Machnáč-Inovec brings together ten municipalities…

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