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At the 5th year Opened door of the Trenčín County did not miss KOCR Trenčín region

The first October is listed as World Cycling Day in the calendar. It was not by chance that this was the fifth year of Open Doors Day (DOD) at the…

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Come to the fifth birthday of DOD!

The doors to the life of the county organizations as well as the Office of the Trencin Autonomous Region have been opened for five years. The…

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She has created history, lives in folklore

As part of the introduction of interesting regions of the Trenčian region, we look to the northwestern part of Slovakia. There is Púchovská Valley,…

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Renovated tourist signs in the districts of Myjava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Prievidza

Marking, brand renewal, maintenance and installation of new rulers on hiking trails is also carried out this year on the basis of cooperation…

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The 100-Day Expedition Crossed by the Trencian Region has been successfully completed!

Families with children could also spend the summer months with the "Krizom Region in 100 Days" game from the regional organization of tourism (KOCR)…

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Vršatec, distant and close

Passing through the motorway between Trenčín and Považská Bystrica you are definitely looking at an interesting rock formation. Experts of nature…

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A visitor with a serial number of 100,000 crossed the gates of Trenčianský castle during the last weekend of August

More than 100,000 people visited Matus Catch Castle this year. The magic border of Trenčín Castle over this summer managed to overcome two days…

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Traditions of our region: Competitive photographs capture the folklore and historical monuments of Trenčiansky kraj

The photo competition The tradition of our region has been continued after last year's successful start in the Trenčín Region. Even this year,…

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