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History yesterday and today

There is a high concentration of castles, chateaux and manors in the Trenčín and Zlín regions. Some of them served a defensive function, while others served as seasonal mansions of the nobility. The historic buildings were marked by the ravages of time and few of them, sometimes majestic buildings, have retained their characteristic features that arouse admiration. The Regional Tourism Organization Trenčín Region, in an effort to present a picture of the possible appearance of some of the castles and castle ruins of the Trenčín Region and the Zlín Region, created the publication "History Yesterday and Today" in cooperation with experts. On its website, it compares the current appearance of the castle walls with line drawings of the academic reconstruction of castles.

The border area of the Trenčín region and the region of East Moravia is dotted with historical buildings - well-known and dusty. Their conservation and revitalization are taken care of by civic or interest associations, others are under the responsibility of local governments or state organizations. From a financial, time and professional point of view, it is often impossible to cover the reconstruction of the castle wall or a selected castle fortification. KOCR Trenčín region strives for various innovative and attractive forms of presentation of the historical heritage of the region. "In order to bring the visitors of our region closer to the original form of castle ruins, we have published material within the international project" History Yesterday and Today ", which compares line drawings of hypothetical reconstruction of monuments with photographs of castles in their current state," said KOCR Trenčín region executive director Eva Frývaldská.

The more than 70-page publication is the result of cooperation between the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization and the East Moravia Tourist Board. The organizations have joined forces again and created an engaging material within the INTERREG VA SK-CZ international cooperation program, which will be available to the public directly at the castles or in the information centers of the Trenčín and Zlín regions. Ing. Ing. arch. Martin Bóna, Ph.D. - monument researcher and castle scientist. On the side of the Czech partner of the castle drawing project (Brumov Castle, Cimburk Castle, Lukov Castle), the monument and expert of medieval architecture, Radim Vrla, prepared it. The texts that complement the graphic part of the publication were created by the archaeologist and expert in the field of cultural heritage protection JUDr. Mgr. Tomas Michalik, PhD.

The material is available for Slovak tourists at Beckov Castle, Čachtice Castle, the Municipal Cultural Center in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, the Municipal Information Center in Dubnice nad Váhom, the PX Center in Považská Bystrica, the Púchov Information Center and Trenčín Castle. Beyond the Slovak-Czech border, the public will find the publication in three places - at Brumov Castle, Lukov Castle and at the Information Center in Koryčany.


Name of a small project: History yesterday and today - evaluation of historical monuments on the border of Trenčín and Zlín region

Acronym: History yesterday and today

Small project code: SK / FMP / 6c / 06/005

Cooperation program: Interreg VA Slovak Republic - Czech Republic

Lead partner (project promoter): regional tourism organization Trenčín region

Main cross-border partner: Central Office of Tourism of East Moravia, ops

Total eligible expenses (100%): € 22,134.68

ERDF financial contribution (85%): € 18,814.47

State budget of the Slovak Republic (10%): € 2,213.46

Own resources (5%): € 1,106.75

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