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Trenčianske Teplice, Slovensko

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Trencianske Teplice is one of the most important and most beautiful spa towns in Slovakia. It lies in its southwestern part, 130 km northeast of Bratislava and 20 km from Trenčín.

In Trenčianske Teplice, diseases of the locomotory system are treated .

The basic element for successful treatment is the local thermal mineral water, which has the following specific properties:

The thermal springs are routed directly in the swimming pools to allow bathing in the original source water without any additional treatment of the optimum thermal mineral water mineral water temperature for the human body ranging between 37 and 40.2 ° C for a high saturation with free hydrogen sulfide 5 mg / Of the total mineralization of 2900 mg / l, the thermal springs have an excellent medicinal effect of water by the carbon method set at 2500 years, which is a guarantee of ecological purity.

PARKHOTEL in Baračke is a small, comfortable family-run hotel with **** services, able to satisfy the demands of the most demanding guests.

It lies in the beautiful natural environment of the spa town, on the edge of the spa park.

Next to the hotel there is the Swan Lake with a boat and fishing and a sports area with tennis courts and minigolf. The distance to the city center with the pedestrian zone, the courtyard, Grand's outdoor pool complex and the Hammam Oriental Bath is 10 minutes. Walk through the spa park.WELLNESSV hotel wellness center offers a wide range of more than 30 treatments under one roof, which suitably complements the indoor pool, sauna complex and solarium. Techniques in the fields of mechanotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesitherapy and others are available. Indoor swimming poolThe 10 x 6 m² indoor swimming pool with a year-round water temperature of 30 - 31 ° C has counterflow, waterfall and pool bar with a variety of refreshing beverages.

After bathing, you can relax with a sun lounger.

The hotel guests have free access to the pool and sauna complex.

Swimming is an ideal activity to improve muscular endurance and fitness that works globally on the development of the whole body. It is suitable for reducing body weight, locomotory system disorders, muscle pains or as a means of keeping fit for life.

Contra-indications of blood circulation, high blood pressure, cardiac vascular sclerosis, post-myocardial infarction, epilepsy. Finnish saunaThe hot hyperthermic hot air bath with a temperature of 80 to 100 ° C and a relative humidity of 5 to 15% followed by cooling of the body with cold water.

The procedure with alternating thermal stimuli is repeated 2 to 3 times and ends with the relaxation phase. The Finnish sauna detoxifies the body of harmful substances, is suitable for airway inflammation, rheumatic diseases, effectively contributes to the burning of fats, accelerates metabolism, has a positive effect on allergies, is an excellent preventive means for increasing immunity.

Contra-indications of all acute diseases. Partial bathSauna with a temperature of 45 ° C and humidity up to 100% combines the thermal effects with the effect of the additive. The bath is suitable for allergies, gingivitis and all respiratory diseases, for rheumatic disorders as well as for general detoxification of the body. It has a positive effect on cleansing the skin and reducing body weight, so it is especially popular among women. Contraindication of all acute diseases.

Price: € 10.00 / 2 hoursApay save: € 90.00 / ticket for 10 x 2 h Including entrance to the Finnish sauna and indoor pool.

A sauna complex and an indoor pool can be rented for a closed group. If you are interested in this service, please contact reception.


Gastronomic experiences can be enjoyed in the hotel restaurant, in the café with a winter garden and during the main season, as well as on the summer terrace with gazebo and outdoor fireplace.

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Address Baračka 89
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