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Do you know the Trenčín region?

Monuments, culture, sports, nature or relaxation? We combined pleasant with useful. Use your free time to gain new knowledge. Send the correct answers to 4 simple questions and maybe we will draw you.

Once again, you are competing for a well-arranged tourist bedeker, in which you will find all the interesting locations in the Trenčín region. You can prepare a plan and when the situation allows, you have a trip ready.

Send the correct answers, numbered according to the order of questions, to the e-mail address: info@trencinregion.sk

We will draw the correct answers next week, on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. We will send the winner an information e-mail. The video from the draw will be published under a post on the Facebook fanpage Trenčín region.

When reading the questions, be careful and follow our tools. Let's go!

1. What settlement does the Roman inscription on the castle rock in Trenčín mention?

The inscription on the castle rock in Trenčín, carved to commemorate the victory over the Germanic Kvády, is one of the few Roman written mentions north of the Danube. Do you know the name of the settlement that the inscription mentions? Little advice: today on the outskirts of Trenčín there is a shopping center of the same name ;-)

2. You are preparing a traditional New Town delicacy, care. What ingredient should you not miss?

(a) croissants

(b) potatoes

(c) rice

Rich, simple and festive food that simply belongs to Easter!

3. Connect the points and write the name of the building that adorns the Trenčín region.

Connect the red dots marked with a number in order from the smallest number to the largest. Do the same for blue dots marked with letters of the alphabet. Did you draw and still have no idea what kind of building it is? Nearby you will find a lookout tower and a beautiful gorge. Now you know?

4. Who is the author of the lookout tower on the top of Tlstá hora, above the village of Dohňany?

The lookout tower has the shape of a Wallachian hat. It narrows towards the top and is divided into six floors - viewing platforms. Who is the author of the project of this original 21.5 meter high tower, which rises above Dohňany?

Bonus question!

Write how you get used to spending the Easter holidays. Do you keep the traditions, or do you prefer to spend your free time on a trip to nature?

Don't forget that the new quiz is here again on Thursday!

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