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Trenčianska Teplá, Slovensko

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The recreation center Oliwa resort is located in a beautiful peaceful natural environment between Trenčianska Teplá and Trenčianske Teplice.

The Oliwa resort provides ideal facilities and conditions for organizing your events with the entire resort including accommodation for 165 people .

⇥ At all events we offer complete service , key program including material and staffing, quality service , excellent home-cooked food and a pleasant environment .

In Oliwa resort it is possible to organize:



In the Oliwa resort you will find a comprehensive range of sports facilities in the Adidas sports arena: tennis court with artificial surface, volleyball , basketball , floorball and grass football field 20x40m, outdoor refreshing pool , beach volleyball court , table tennis , relax zone , fireplace , barbecue , large area TV , large dining room , fireplace and training area ...



⇥Oliwa Resort - for your most beautiful family celebrations . ⇥Basic wedding offer

We will further ensure the wedding menu

We have the ideal space, friendly staff and quality service for your unforgettable meetings, all at a price that will pleasantly surprise you .

TWISTOVO - Travel for children

Vlada Voštinára camps. Give the children an unforgettable summer

⇥In all 6-17 years our OLIWA resort, a wonderful environment, breakfast buffet, excellent food like grandmother and our favorite animator ...

TWISTOVO - School in nature according to you

In 2011, we became owners of the top OLIWA resort, enabling us to offer and guarantee service at the highest possible level. With its location, facilities and services, it is one of the most beautiful and best resorts in Slovakia for children's tourism.

We have prepared unusual news and a favorite afternoon program with our trained animators , who also have international animation experiences from five-star hotels in Tunis, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. The afternoon program will attract schoolchildren, first and second degree children and is based on years of experience gained in nature schools and our Twist summer camps. Meets motivational, creative, educational and fun elements .

⇥Don't miss:

All at a price that will always pleasantly surprise you .



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Address Teplická 102/864
91401 Trenčianska Teplá

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