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Čereňany, Slovensko

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Chateau garden with a thousand years of shade

ObecČereňany belongs to villages lying in the southern part of Hornonitrian basin. The most important monument of the village (formerly belonging to the castle of Gray Stone) is the Church of Sts. Mária Magdalény, the water mill on the Žiarský stream and the fairy tale. Its history dates back to 1329. In the Middle Ages it served as a refugee with tattoos. As a south castel building with four round tower towers, the manor house in Cerenany was built around 1640. At first it had a character-built building surrounded by a water drain. In other building interventions, the look of the monument changed into a classicistic style with ornamental elements in an astral façade. The owners of the manor house were originally the Majtennians, later the Hunadians. At the end of the 19th century. Owned by the Kaltenbach family, the late Graf Sphaer. Prior to World War I, Edmund Vepes owned Wongronitsch. After decades of state ownership, he restituted him to the original owner Bella, and in 2002 the manor bought the current private transferee.

The castle was completely reconstructed under the supervision of the workers of the Memorial Institute, which gave it today the elegant look. Since 2005, a guest house with 6 rooms and Aphrodite restaurant has been incarnated, and the cognac club is a historic wine cellar.

Visit the historical castle of Čereňany, which used to serve as a sanctuary before the Tatars. Today, it features a unique and luxurious accommodation facility. Guests can make use of the accommodation directly at the mansion or in the newly opened guesthouse, which is part of the mansion's garden. An inseparable part of the historical building is the Aphrodite Restaurant , which moved from Partizánske to the Renaissance manor in Cerenany in 2005. The historic setting strengthens the experience of the restaurant and the garden, which breathes the memories of ancient castle times. The vaulted cellar from 1329 carefully preserves wines from all over the world at ideal temperature, blackout and humidity. In the rich collection you will find the best French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wines, as well as wines from the American continent. Gentlemen can enjoy unique drinks and cigars from around the world at the Cognac Club.

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Address Prievidzská 460/30
972 46 Čereňany

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