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Koliba Papradno-icon

Koliba Papradno


Enjoy the incoming spring and beautiful natural scenery in the pleasant environment of Koliby Papradno . The facility is located in a conservation…

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Time Out Bowling Pub Južanka-icon

Time Out Bowling Pub Južanka


Operation Time out bowling pub cordially invites you to your premises. We are located on the second floor of the Južanka OC in Trenčín in the…

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PIZZERIA Pálfik-icon



PIZZERIU Pálfik can be found in Partizánsky on the Šípok housing estate , in complex at OC Šípok on Malinovský Street. Good access, parking by…

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Mak palacinkáreň-icon

Mak palacinkáreň


If you like fast and light lunches or you want to relax and enjoy something untraditional , you like healthy and fresh food , visit Mak palacinkarna…

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Salaš Spring-icon

Salaš Spring


In the beautiful surroundings of Strážovské vrchy lies the small village of Spring. Information boards marked Salaš will bring you directly to the…

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Marbull Pizza-icon

Marbull Pizza

Trenčín - Biskupice

The restaurant and pizzeria Marbullpizza is located in the quiet part of Trencin, in Biskupice , on Stromova Street. . We offer a varied daily menu…

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PIZZA-BAR U Jumba-icon



PIZZA-BAR by Jumba is a reopened bar in Partizánske on the Šípok housing estate . . Great Czech beers BERNARD and PERNŠTEJN stayed here with pizza …

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Caffé & Bowling Sofia-icon

Caffé & Bowling Sofia

Trenčianska Turná

If you want to play bowling with your friends and sit outside of the city , there is a café & bowling Sofia for you. We are located in a quiet…

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