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The observation tower Veľký Lopeník

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Nová Bošáca, Slovensko

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A symbol of friendship between the two nations
The observation tower Veľký Lopeník, Nová Bošáca

The spirit of kopanice in the county near New Bošáca can be felt anywhere around Veľký Lopeník. The hill featuring the original observation tower is located on the Czech-Slovak border. The tower is a gorgeous feature of this breathtaking place on the Moravian-Slovak border. You will love it for its architectural design and an amazing view. It stands there thanks to Moravians and Slovaks - villagers from surrounding villages who financially supported its construction. The observation tower is a symbol of friendship between the two nations - Czechs and Slovaks who regularly meet and enjoy the beauty of the region under Veľký Lopeník.

On the bordering ridge of the White Carpathians, on the top of Veľký Lopeník, stands 22 meters high impressive observation tower at an altitude of 911 m. The building was constructed according to the design by M. A. Svatopluk Sládeček. The wooden tower with an asymmetrical roof was built from oak beams on a massive 4.5 meters high stone base (5.9 x 5.9 m.). Towards the top the roof is getting narrow and opens upwards. The observation deck is 19 meters above the ground and you can reach it after climbing up 101 stairs. On the sides of the observation deck are information boards that describe the panorama of the surrounding countryside. In the vicinity of the tower are benches, a gazebo and a swing. A Memorial next to the observation tower is dedicated to the memory of Soviet soldiers who died in the area during heavy fighting at the end of WW2.
The tower is accessible from May to October. Visitors have to pay an entry fee. The observation tower is open daily except Mondays, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.
The view from the observation tower is amazing, you can see Moravian and Slovak villages and isolated dwellings, Mikulčin hill, Vyškovec, Bošácka valley, Liesková valley and Veľká Javorina. In the immediate vicinity of the tower are the White Carpathians, Chřibov, Hostýnske and Vizovice hills, ridges of Strážov mountains and Považský Inovec. The valley of Váh is extremely enchanting. When the weather is good you can see Malá Fatra, Pálava and even Jeseníky.
If you would like to hike to Veľký Lopeník, you can start in the village of New Bošáca on the Slovak side or in Lopeník on the Czech side. From Nová Bošáca take the “blue” nature trail (5 km), from Lopeník take the "yellow" or "green" nature trail – the hike is shorter from Lopeník, it takes only 1 hour.

The history of the observation tower on Veľký Lopeník dates back to the days before World War II. Before its construction there stood another observation tower which fate is, however, not clear. The next observation tower was built in 1944(16 m. high). Its existence was short-lived because it burned down after two years of existence. However, it was rebuilt and strengthened in the same year. It had served tourists for twenty-six years before it fell apart. It took thirty-three long years to build its successor. People visiting Veľký Lopeník missed the tower so badly they decided to build it again and save its history. So today the observation tower, made of stone and oak, stands on Veľký Lopeník tall and impressive. It’s the creation of the unbreakable will of Moravian and Slovak people living in the area.


In the neighborhood of Bošácka distilleries, where the best slivovica (plum brandy) in Slovakia is being distilled, there is an open-air museum - the original farm house. The museum consists of fully furnished residential part, living and working area, barn, cellar and outdoor kitchen. The exhibition also includes rare costumes that are decorated with hand-sewn embroidery.

In the village of Grúň, a local part of Nova Bošáca, stands a memorial with a statue and common grave of fallen Soviet soldiers. The monument was unveiled in 1945 and is now a national monument.

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