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The historic tram flew over 12 thousand people

The historic tram bought a ticket this year for more than 12,000 people. The score for this year's season was given by Mikuláš

The popularity of the Trenčín narrow-gauge tram grows every year. In addition to the regular summer season, the Trenčín Electric Railway (TREŽ) also made nostalgic rides in 2017, attracting many fans. Last year's nostalgic ride took place on Saturday, December 2, 2017, which even courteous children gave a small reward.

As the TSK reported in September, the summer season has been tremendously successful in this year's TREŽ this year. The extended summer operating season without a single train delay or technical failure affecting the operation of the railway has brought its fruit. The Trenčianska Teplá - Trenčianske Teplice route did not miss 7,100 people during the summer months (June - September 2017). Thus 192 trains were dispatched from the depot. The busiest months were traditionally July and August , during which 5,730 people used the services of a tram. "As in previous years, about 95% of the visitors were tourists and clients of the Spa in Trenčianske Teplice. We were pleased that the patients and spa clients who used our services for train connections were also found, "said Trencin Electric Railroad Director Dušan Nosál. Compared to last season's summer season, the tram traveled more than a thousand visitors.

Nostalgic trips THERE are still popular among travelers

Trying to ride a historic tram, invites TREŽ during the year also through thematic tours. Those were six in 2017. For the first time he set out on the Troika kings track. Frosty weather attracted nearly three-quarters of the Triple Drive thematic ride . To make Easter Sunday more pleasant by riding on a unique railway, more than 1,100 people arrived despite the cold weather at Železničná stanica in Trenčianske Teplice. Almost the same number of people managed to attract the Svatoflovanian ride on the occasion of the Holy Father's Day. Florian, patron of firefighters and rescuers. Nearly 700 people bought a thematic drive ticket at the beginning of June, when TRE celebrated their children's day together with their children . The penultimate nostalgic ride was special in that the passengers took the competition to cook goulash . More than five hundred tourists transported to the tram depot, where, besides the traditional accompanying program, a goulash was waiting for them. In 2017, nearly 3,800 people came to the thematic rides that the tram made over regular summer operations. Nostalgic trips ALWAYS always attract even those fans who do not go with the railway, but they will come to see the rich program of a particular action. Interest and increased traffic this year, besides the railway, also enjoyed the traffic exposure of the tram.

The angels and the devil on the 2nd of December during the Nicholas ride came to theirs

Everyone who has been listening for the whole year has been able to come to Trenčianske Teplice on a reward on Saturday 2 December 2017 at the Railway Station. Trenčín Electric Railway has traditionally not only for the smallest one of the most important and most popular nostalgic rides - Mikulášský tram . "This year, the railway station in Trenčianske Teplice has changed to" hell station ". Sv. Nicholas and angels had a sweet reward for children, but as usual every year, Lucifer and his devils wanted to steal their children. But finally, the good again won over the break, and all the children who had listened for the whole year did not come up with their sweet rewards, "said Dušan Nosál, director of the TRE.

This year, the well-known historical railroad carried over 6 nostalgic rides and regular summer traffic of more than 12 thousand people . The last thematic ride with the participation of up to 1458 people gave a symbolic point for the successful season of a unique 108-year narrow-gauge railway connecting Trenčianske Teplá with the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice.

Every year, the Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj contributes to the operation of the popular tourist tram with a sum of 25 thousand euros . By the same amount, the county plans to support the maintenance of this unique railroad in 2018.

Source: Odd. communication and international relations of TSK

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