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The Trenčín region's cycling season starts in an innovative way

The Regional Organization of Tourism (KOCR) Trenčín region symbolically opened the cycling season with the presentation of a unique novelty. Thanks to it, cyclists can plan trips in the Trenčín and Zlín regions with a few clicks directly on the cycle route.

An interactive touch kiosk has become a new element of the growing cycling infrastructure on cycle routes in the Trenčín region. It is located on the frequented BEVLAVA cycle route, right next to the summer swimming pool in Nemšová, which is crossed daily by many cyclists not only from Slovakia, but also from the neighboring Zlín region. The cycling route is unique in that it connects two cross-border but brotherly regions, Trenčín and Zlín. And that's why the idea for a smart extension of cycling communication was born. The kiosk is the result of the cross-border project "Let's discover the Trenčín and Zlín regions innovatively" from the workshop of KOCR Trenčín and the East Moravian Tourism Center.

The decision to place an interactive kiosk in the city of Nemšová was not accidental. It is precisely here that there is a crossroads and a connection of important cycle routes, which are not only the starting point of cycle trips, but also a node connecting the sections of the Váž cycle highway. "We have noticed that tourists come from more distant areas, park their cars and go on trips to explore the White Carpathian region from Nemšová, which is the starting point," said the mayor of Nemšová, Miloš Mojto .

Thanks to this innovation, cyclists can plan interesting bike trips not only in the Trenčín region, but also beyond its borders, all the way to Eastern Moravia. "The device is equipped with two touch surfaces and a navigation application. The maps can be zoomed in and out, so the tourist has an overview of the entire proposed route to the selected point," added the project manager of the supplier company QEX, as Michal Staňo .

The kiosk offers a total of 40 points of tourist interest, 20 on the Slovak side and 20 on the Czech side. Thanks to the navigation application of the interactive panel, cyclists can easily plan a long or short, demanding or less demanding route to one of these interesting destinations. "I am very pleased that this cycle point, which is also the first of its kind on cycle routes in the region, will contribute to the perception of the Trenčín region as a modern region that cares about the constant improvement of quality and modernization of services in the tourism industry. I believe that this innovative element will facilitate orientation for cyclists or planning trips to the surrounding area and will bring a lot of inspiration for other interesting trips," concluded the chairman of KOCR Trenčín region , Juraj Gerlici.

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