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Do you know the Trenčín region?

Monuments, culture, sports, nature or relaxation? We combined pleasant with useful. Use your free time to gain new knowledge. Send the correct answers to 4 simple questions and maybe we will draw you.

The prize this time is a comprehensive tourist guide who will take you to the most beautiful places in the Trenčín region.

Send the correct answers, numbered according to the order of questions, to the e-mail address: info@trencinregion.sk

We will draw the correct answers next week, on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. We will send the winner an informational e-mail and a video of the draw will be published under a contribution on the Trenčín region Facebook fanpage.

When solving questions, do not hesitate to use our website, where you will find all the correct answers.

1. To whom did Emperor Sigismund donate Uhrovec Castle, and in what year?

In the hard-to-reach terrain, on one of the steep hills of the Strážovské vrchy, at an altitude of 591 meters, an impressive castle ruin stretches in the middle of greenery. It is assumed that Matúš Čák participated in the construction of Uhrovec Castle. It was taken over by him in 1295. But to whom, almost 100 years later, was it donated by Emperor Sigismund? Do you know the exact year? A help on the way to the correct answer is a recording about Uhrovec Castle, which you can hear after reading the QR code below.

2. The Zelená žaba swimming pool in Trenčianske Teplice is an architectural gem. Do you know the name "father" of a unique project?

The functionalist swimming pool Zelená žaba, in the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice, was designed by a Brno architect in the 1930s. What was his name?

3. Do you know natives from the Trenčín region?

Famous natives from the Trenčín region also protect their health in difficult times influenced by the global pandemic. Do you recognize them even when they are covered with a veil? Don't forget to write the name of the town or village where they come from!

4. Which protected landscape areas cover the territory of the Trenčín Region?

Of the large protected areas, a total of 5 protected landscape areas cover the territory of the Trenčín Region. Do you know which ones?

Don't forget, we prepare a knowledge quiz every week. New questions await you on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

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