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The masters trained a German link

In the area of ​​the Trenčín region, Handlovská Valley is situated in the middle of several mountains. In the past, life was formed by German colonists, later became famous thanks to skilled craftsmen. Today it is primarily associated with mining. But it is not the only thing that this region can offer.

Handlovská Valley is located in the eastern part of the Prievidza district. It stretches along the Handlovka River, which is one of the major tributaries of Nitra. Its territory is bounded by the mountains - in the north-east of Žiar, in the east and south-east Kremnické vrchy, in the west and southwest it is again Vtáčnik mountain range.

The heart of the entire valley is Handl, located just 10 kilometers from the geographical center of Europe. In the past, however, the territory on which the city is now decomposed called Seperdeo, the Beautiful Forest. In 1376 King Ludwig I. Henrich allowed Kricker to establish a permanent settlement here. The name Handlová is derived from his name. From Heinrich or Honela, Hanel was born Hanel's Lehota, Hanel and then Handlová. In German, the city is called Krickerhau or Krikerhau by his surname.

Markets in predominantly German cities - Handlová or Prievidza - have prompted folk craftsmen. For example, the masters in Ráztoč were producing trunks, belts or buckles, and in Malá Čaus home shingles. Handlová herself began to change at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, when from the formerly agricultural estate became a town with a strong mining industry. The protective hand above him still holds two patrons - St. Barbara and St. Catherine.

Handlovská Valley was a popular place especially thanks to the recreation center Remata. For the bad weather and the declining interest of skiers did not open this season. In the future, however, sports opportunities in this region could be expanded thanks to a 50-kilometer cycle route. It should connect Handlova, Prievidza, Nováky and Partizánske, leading up to the border with the Nitra region. This year the Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj plans to prepare the documentation for the territorial decision and the building permit. Funds for this investment want to get through the euro funds.

The handicraft in Handlová itself should probably help this new year this year. Today, the city's covered swimming pool is undergoing a major reconstruction, and the 20-year-old summer swimming pool should be re-established. The renovated pools will be filled with thermal water from the Jozef borehole.

The Handlova Valley can be spoiled by the beautiful countryside and interesting historic buildings. For instance, the Banská náučný chodník tells you more about the history of mining, but also about fauna and flora around Handlová. They opened it in 2009, its length is nine and a half kilometers with its start at SNP Street and the goal ahead of Baňa Handlová. A visit to the region also includes preserved houses and stone granaries in Malá Čaus and Jalovec or a wooden bell tower in the middle of the village of Lipník.

foto: Bohumil Slepánek

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