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Successful summer in the Trenčín region

This summer in the Trenčín region was successful despite the ongoing pandemic and the associated restrictions in terms of visitors to the region. Traditionally, domestic tourism dominated.

The all-Slovak trend of the summer of 2021 was domestic tourism. From the point of view of Slovakia, this is a record number of domestic visitors, with up to 80% of all Slovaks. In total, 1.54 mil. hosts. Of this, up to 1.27 million domestic visitors spent a total of 3.93 million in Slovakia. nights.

The Trenčín region is no exception. The number of visitors to the region in the summer months of June, July and August increased by more than 10,000 visitors compared to 2020, which represents an increase of almost 11%. During the summer, the Trenčín Region was visited by 104,347 holidaymakers . The vast majority were domestic visitors. The most visited region was the Trenčín region in August this year, when our region was visited by up to 44,461 tourists.

"The main goal of the regional tourism organization is to promote the region. We are therefore very pleased with the year-on-year increase in visitors to the Trenčín Region, despite the complicated situation in tourism. The fact that the Trenčín region was visited by almost 13,000 more domestic visitors than last year is a good sign for us and another motivation in our activities. ” Eva Frývaldská, Executive Director of KOCR Trenčín Region, expressed her pleasure.

With the number of visitors in 2021, the number of overnight stays also increased. During the summer months, visitors to our region spent more than 416 thousand nights staying in hotels, guesthouses and cottages. The number of overnight stays thus increased by more than 42,000 nights spent in accommodation facilities in the Trenčín Region.

On the contrary, as in the whole of Slovakia, the number of foreign tourists decreased by more than 2,700 visitors compared to the previous year. This decline is understandable given the global pandemic.

In Trenčín 15.11.2021

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