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Tourism is a universal sport activity suitable for all ages, which people "enjoy" practically all year round. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to get to know the diversity and beauty of nature, which is located in Slovakia. The Trenčín region does not lag behind in these beauties and offers a wide range of unique things towering in the mountains and forest paths that are worth your attention! In this article, we will introduce you to several of them.

The roof of Slovakia is available for everyone

If you have already completed hiking in Považská Bystrica, you may have come across the term "Roof of Slovakia". Even so, it is called the famous Kostolecká gorge, which is located in the Strážovské vrchy mountains. It is a 500 meter long canyon, which has interesting triangular-shaped rock formations, reminiscent of an imaginary roof with an entrance opening. Thanks to these formations and the occurrence of several rare plant species, they became the subject of protection and in 1970 this site was declared a nature reserve. If you are a supporter of honest hiking with more challenging terrain, you will probably not enjoy the asphalt road leading directly to the gorge. On the other hand, it gives space for visitors - beginners, children, the elderly and the severely disabled.

We recommend combining a visit to this canyon with a trip to the neighboring Manín Strait, which will also take you through an educational trail.

A natural rarity - the Manín Strait

The national nature reserve located near Považská Teplá is part of the town of Považská Bystrica. The tourist attraction, popular and sought after by tourists, boasts the title of the narrowest canyon in Slovakia. It is especially attractive due to its bizarre rock forms or rare fauna and flora thanks to the microclimate, which allows the occurrence of mountain species of plants and animals. The narrow valley of the Manín brook is formed by rock walls, which are in some places up to 400 m high. In essence, these are two smaller gorges separated by a small basin. The width of the narrowest places is barely enough for a bus to pass. As a result of this rarity, the location is a popular place not only for tourists but also for photographers.

Experiential Haluzice

The village of Haluzice in the Trenčín region offers tourists more than it might seem at first glance. If you are planning tourism in the district of Nové Mesto nad Váhom, there are several unmissable points that you can complete near the mentioned village. Following the tourist path towards Haluzice, visit the wooden lookout tower Hájnica, which is located directly above Haluzice.

However, if this is not enough for you and you are looking for other natural beauties, there is an opportunity to visit the Haluzice Gorge. Behind the cemetery in the village of Haluzice, a wooden arrow directs you to an educational trail across a meadow to the edge of the forest, where the mouth of the gorge is located. The gorge is dammed by a massive dam, while its significance is mentioned on the information panel. Thanks to the boards, you will always learn about the attractions that are in the area and about botanical facts. The most monumental part of the gorge is called Pod kostolom. High walls and a narrow bottom create a genuine canyon. With the help of a wooden ladder, you will overcome another dam and a rock threshold, behind which you will see an impressive rock amphitheater.

The last attraction is the Romanesque church, which you have already registered. The first written mention of it is from 1299. In the past, it served in times of emergency as a short-term refuge of the immediate area. It was conquered by the royal army of Matúš Čák Trenčianský and later rebuilt in the Gothic and Renaissance style. Masses and even weddings are currently held here. The Haluzice Church is a grateful object of many photographers and has a unique atmosphere.

View as in the picture

If you are also a lover of divine views, which are better than any painting or photograph with a natural theme, we recommend that you visit the lookout towers, which are located in the Trenčín region in large numbers. Each abounds in its own uniqueness and it would certainly be worth considering making your own plan to complete and visit each of them.

The Soblahov "Dúbravka" lookout tower is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. Thanks to the 9.5-meter wooden building, you can see a panoramic view of the surrounding villages, such as Trenčín, Munich Lehota, Soblahov, Trenčín Region and a significant part of the Strážovské vrchy, White Carpathians or Považský Inovec. Due to the proximity of the famous bike path, it is possible to visit this location as part of a family bike tour.

Other dominant buildings providing a beautiful view include a lookout tower on the top of Veľký Lopeník. The twenty-meter tower with a brick oak base was built in 2004. On top of it, in addition to the lookout tower, there is also a resting place, a gazebo, benches and information boards.

If you like romantic walks, be sure to get lost on the way to the forest park in Prievidza, where the lookout tower has been rising pompously for 31 years. Reminiscent of a Renaissance balcony in the middle of a forest still life. The metal body stands on four concrete pillars and has a silver-gray color with a green railing. It is three meters high and poetically resembles a balcony from Romeo and Juliet.

When it comes to magical views, we must not forget the new attraction of Bojnice, which is the lookout tower "Seagull in the clouds". The thirty-meter-high monument, built of steel-wooden construction, is very popular with both small and large visitors. During its construction, the Bojnice Spa was inspired by a similar tower in the neighboring Czech Republic. The building offers a unique visual experience with a view of Bojnice Castle and the surrounding area. The observation deck is hidden in the treetops and with an ideal width of three meters is also suitable for mothers with prams. The whole family will enjoy a visit to the attraction, but especially the children, who can go for fun on the adrenaline elements and shorten the way from the top of the view with a water slide.

On your next visit to Inovec, don't forget to visit the iron lady towering on the very hill. It is a meteorological telecommunication lookout tower called "Helene". Its outlook has been available since 2015, and it was created by Mr. Chatár from Inovecká chata, who found common ground with the employees of the company, the aim of which was to build a meteorological radar on Inovec. The tower is 21 meters high and offers a famous view of the parallel bars of Vršatec, the peaks of the Great Fatra and Tatras or the hills of Kľak and Veľký Lopeník in Moravia. The cities of Topoľčany, Bánovce nad Bebravou, Dubnica nad Váhom, Trenčín and Nové Mesto nad Váhom will appear in the palm of your hand.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a lookout tower on the Tlstá hora hill, which was used for military and geodetic purposes. She survived two world wars and left a deep story. Today, there is a new lookout tower called "Púchovská dolina Lookout Tower" on Tlstá hora. It was created within the project "Lookout towers of the Hornolidečsko and Púchovská valleys". It has been open to the public since October 17, 2009. Approximately 60 cubic meters of wood and 35 cubic meters of concrete were used to build it. Tourists will have a unique view of the surrounding countryside and a pleasant walk with family or friends.

The lookout towers of Jel Jelenec, Žalostiná, Brestovec, Stratenec, Vršatské bradlá and Hrajky are definitely worth a visit.

The most beautiful moment of staying in nature is not only breathing fresh air, listening to birds singing and cheerfully rustling leaves, but also discovering new places that have not been explored for you so far. Go with your family on a type of trip that can have a healing effect on the mind and body.

PS: Don't forget to get enough fluids, creams, repellents or a first aid kit, an honest tithe, a compass, a map, adequate clothing and, above all, a good mood.

In Trenčín, July 30, 2019

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