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Relaxing weekend at the airport in Trenčín

The most famous, largest, culturally loaded, multi-genre ... Festival Pohoda has many attributes and the fact that for 23 years it has attracted the attention of fans of quality music, discussions or various workshops, no one will take it away. Last weekend was a living proof that Trenčín Airport is filled once a year with a unique atmosphere that can captivate even the greatest skeptics.

During three days (July 11-13, 2019), visitors "tasted" a diverse program. According to the organizers, the festival was a celebration of art, but also of freedom. The stages were dominated by 121 concerts, including the names of artists such as Liam Gallagher, Lola Marsh, The Roots and Mac DeMarco. The other space was filled with tents, where discussions on various topics, theater, group exercises, workshops or other activities were prepared, which ideally complemented the music side of the festival.

They left nothing to chance

The organizers of the festival really thought of everything. From the separation of waste through catering (and not any) to hygiene, all sites that meet the attributes of the festival of enormous dimensions have been secured. The festival application helped in the orientation of the "relaxed" area, which, in addition to the current program, offered important information about various changes or safety measures and weather warnings.

The rain did not deter anyone

The success of Pohoda is evidenced by the annual maximum occupancy of the airport near Trenčín Castle. The current year was no exception and the tickets were sold out again. The visitors were not spoiled by the mood or the changing weather, which alternated from hour to hour. The shelters from the rain were also offered by the stands of the partner organizations of the festival, which included the regional tourism organization (KOCR) Trenčín region.

Birthplace of heroes - a region you must visit

The corners of the Trenčín region and its attractive places could be discovered by "pohoďáci" together with the natives from the region of castles and chateaux - MR Štefánik, Ľudovít Štúr and Ľudmila Podjavorinská. The regional heroes accompanied the visitors to various fun activities. "We have prepared this year's presentation of the Trenčín region on the topic of the Trenčín region - the birthplace of heroes," said Eva Frývaldská , executive director of KOCR Trenčín region. Skill in building a paper plane with the visual of Štefánik's Caproni, guessing the names of Podjavorinská poems or a little Slovak with Štúr or oversized puzzles depicting famous natives. After completing one of the tasks, a nice gift was waiting for the contestant. "In a playful way, we presented visitors not only the possibilities of spending free time in our region, but also something from the history and culture of the Trenčín region. Pohoda is an ideal event where we can address a wide range of visitors and motivate them to return to the Trenčín region festival, " added Frývaldská.

PŠ, Trenčín 17.7.2019

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