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Fun and educational - such is cycling in the Trenčín region

Bicycle - a faithful partner for city trips, easy hiking, adrenaline downhill and endless exploration of natural beauty or monuments. People are increasingly looking for opportunities to leave their car parked in the garage and drive out on their two-wheeler. Thanks to the Vážská cyklomagistrála project, cyclists can enjoy the new routes, which after the final construction will reach 100 km and will go across the entire Trenčín region. The public has already tested two officially accessible routes of this project. The first route is 13.4 km long and leads from the village of Horná Streda to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The current novelty is the 4 km long route from Púchov to Nimnice. However, the modest cycle route with its length hides many attractions in the vicinity, which you should definitely not miss along the way.

TOP 1 Deserved rest in Spa Nimnica

You may like to drive fast, but here we recommend you to slow down to a stop (time). Nimnica Spa is a place that contributes not only to maintaining good health, but also to solving various health problems. If you decide to stay in this place with a 60-year tradition, you can look forward to various cultural, sports or social activities. Last but not least, you will find peace and relaxation here through the medical wellness center and relaxation area, which has ponds, swing benches, children's playgrounds and a mini Stonehenge.

TOP 2 Natural rarity - Manínska strait

This national nature reserve, located near Považská Teplá, is part of the town of Považská Bystrica. The tourist attraction, popular and sought after by tourists, boasts the title of the narrowest canyon in Slovakia. It is especially attractive due to its bizarre rock forms or rare fauna and flora thanks to the microclimate, which allows the occurrence of mountain species of plants and animals. The narrow valley of the Manín brook is formed by rock walls, which are in some places up to 400 m high. In essence, these are two smaller gorges separated by a small basin. The width of the narrowest places is barely enough for a bus to pass. As a result of this rarity, the location is a popular place not only for tourists but also for photographers. If you would like to find even more wealth in the area, you can continue upstream along the nature trail, which will take you to another natural rarity - the Church Strait with the largest rock overhang in Slovakia and impressive views.

TOP 3 Cool off in Pružinská Dúpná Cave

The cave located near the village of Pružina is one of the oldest caves in Slovakia. It was founded more than 10 million years ago. You can also get to it from the village of Predhorie, from where an educational trail leads. Although its final part contains a steep path through the forest, where you will overcome 100 meters, the effort will be worth it. Pružinská Dúpna Cave is approximately 300 m long, 20 m wide in places and up to 5 m high. However, only a part of it is accessible to the public. Of interest is the decoration of soft sinter, which cures respiratory diseases. There are also various inscriptions in the cave, which date from the beginning of the 20th century. The cave is open from 1 May to 31 October, but a visit must be arranged in advance with the cavers. If you are an enthusiast of wind and string instruments, we recommend planning a trip in June, when you can catch their concert.

TOP 4 Breathtaking history at Lednice Castle

It is no secret that the Trenčín region has the largest number of castles and ruins among all regions in Slovakia. Thanks to this, it creates an ideal opportunity to stay not only for sports enthusiasts, but also for history. One such castle is also located in Lednice. It was established in the second half of the 13th century, and its function consisted mainly in the protection of the northwestern border of Hungary, which is why it belonged to the royal castles. It is built on a steep cliff and boasts a unique staircase carved into the rock. The castle is still being actively renovated and you can visit it over the weekend from spring to autumn.

TOP 5 Surrounding nature in the palm of your hand - Dohňany Lookout Tower

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a lookout tower on the Tlstá hora hill, which was used for military and geodetic purposes. She survived two world wars and left a deep story. Today, there is a new lookout tower called "Púchovská dolina Lookout Tower" on Tlstá hora. It was created within the project "Lookout towers of the Hornolidečsko and Púchovská valleys". It has been open to the public since October 17, 2009. Approximately 60 cubic meters of wood and 35 cubic meters of concrete were used to build it. Tourists will have a unique view of the surrounding countryside and a pleasant walk with family or friends.

Don't forget! Cycling and exploring the surrounding countryside will give you more juice, energy and fresh air in your lungs than riding in an air-conditioned car, so don't hesitate and go.

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