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Light rain

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Fifteen guys in one Shell

"Hey valley, behold the newspaper, God sent us his Son, in Bethlehem on a straw ..." are strong boyish voices. We also listen to them in Soblahov…

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In the footsteps of gastronomic experiences in the Trenčín region

Every able-bodied tourist who has decided to break through this region knows that the Trenčín region is proud of its majestic castles, monuments,…

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Historic success! In 2026, Trenčín will become the European Capital of Culture

The candidacy of the regional city for this prestigious title united the whole region. The mayors, mayors, students, artists and the general public…

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A valley that will not forget

When Bošáca is mentioned, the abstinent is immediately attacked by plum brandy. Whether anyone likes it or not, we are in a region where fruit…

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A rare archaeological find from the Late Bronze Age

In order to protect the cultural heritage, the Trenčín Museum, in cooperation with the Trenčín and Oz Hradiská Regional Monuments Office, under the…

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The title is within reach! The jury was welcomed by the mayor and the mayor of Trenčín Castle

The southern fortifications of Trenčín Castle, which have only recently been reconstructed, became the place where the international jury of the…

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At the interface of two worlds

Upper Nitra can be proud of several tourist gems. There is a zoo, Bojnice Castle, spas, several museums, but also a mining open-air museum, which…

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Luxury at your fingertips. Let yourself be pampered in the spa of the Trenčín region

Significant spa triangle. The Trenčín region offers a beautiful environment of three important spas in Slovakia. Trenčianske Teplice, Bojnice and…

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