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The BEVLAVA cycle path opens the season

The BEVLAVA international cycling route from Vsetín to Trenčín is ready for the 2023 summer cycling season! Since the end of the last one, in the fall of 2022, more news has been added, so we are happy to share the current information. The most important one is that BEVLAVA is tirelessly and patiently moving in the right direction towards early completion.

How does BEVLAVA currently serve cyclists? What tourist destinations await them along the way?

In Ústí pri Vsetín, the BEVLAVA cycle path meets the Bečva cycle path. In the Hornolideč region, cyclists can combine these two cycle routes, currently it is also possible to ride the newly built section of the BEVLAVA cycle route from Ústí to Lužná. Subsequently, it is possible to complete the circuit, for example, via Zděchov and Huslenky. Cyclists don't even have to worry about the surrounding terrain and can turn off the BEVLAVA cycle path. Sightseeing trips to the surrounding country are prepared. A reliable guide is the network of marked cycle routes, including the popular Hornolidečská magistrály.

Another place where you can make a living cycling is Valašské Klobouky. From there, the cycle route turns along BEVLAVE to Trenčín or Piešťany. A safe route leads through Brumov Bylnice to Sváté ŠŘepán. In these places, it is necessary to carefully walk a 3 km stretch of road. Beyond the state border, the BEVLAVA cycle route continues again through Horné Srnie to Nemšová, where cyclists will connect to the Váž cycle highway.

It would be a mistake to set aside little time for getting to know interesting attractions

On the Slovak side of the border, the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia, Skalka near Trenčín, is a well-known tourist destination. Directly around this place, which breathes peace, is the cycle route "On a bike in the footsteps of history", which connects the Váž cycle highway with the BEVLAVA cycle route. When we talk about tourist attractions, we cannot forget the regional town of Trenčín with the Trenčín Castle and the historic city center. Last but not least, the reconstructed more than 250-year-old technical monument from the past - the Králik mill in the town of Nemšová - is worth a visit. Refreshment in the hot summer months is offered by the summer swimming pool in Nemšová, where an interactive novelty from the workshop of the regional tourism organization Trenčín region is installed - a touch kiosk where cyclists can plan interesting cycling trips in the Trenčín and Zlín regions. Just a short distance away is the Malý Jelenec lookout, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. During the season, countless cultural events are organized on the route of the BEVLAVA cycle route, in cities and towns, which can serve as an impetus for a unique trip.

What is currently being completed on the BEVLAVA cycle path?

The middle section of the BEVLAVA cycle route is currently still under construction. According to preliminary information, the route Lužná - Vlašské Příkazy will be completed in the fall of 2023. The unfinished section can currently be bypassed, we have selected two possible detour routes (you can find the map in the gallery) that will take the visitor to interesting places. On detours, it is good to expect hilly terrain, but the reward will be views of the picturesque Wallachian landscape.

New website

You can find information about the BEVLAVA cycle route, tourist destinations, calendar of events and tips for trips clearly marked in the map application on the new website of the cycle route www.bevlava.sk .

The BEVLAVA international cycle route is one of the long-distance international cycle routes, after completion it will be 50 kilometers long. It will connect the border regions and also the basin of the rivers Bečva, Vlára and Váh - hence the name BeVlaVa. The cycle route winds through the valley between the Beskydy, Javorník and White Carpathian hills.

The BEVLAVA cycle route is being created in cooperation with the micro-regions Hornolidečsko and Valašské Klobucko, MAS Vršatec and their member cities and municipalities. A number of other organizations are involved in its development and promotion, for example the Zlín region, the Trenčín region and destination companies: East Moravian Tourism Center, Zlín and Luhačovice, Wallachia, Trenčín region.

For more information: Association of municipalities of the Valašské Klobucko microregion, Ing. jana tesařová, destination manager, tesarova@valaskeklobucko.cz, tel. No.: +420 734 292 447

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