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Beluša also wants to make the attractive location accessible to cyclists

In 2019, the Hradište locality was added to the map of national cultural monuments. It is located on an elevated spot in Považské Podolia above the…

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Reconstruction work at Trenčín Castle is progressing

Trenčín Castle, which is managed by the Trenčín Museum in Trenčín and is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, has been…

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HoryZonty will offer a festival "double"

The Trenčín festival of adventure films HoryZonty is coming enriched with a new online format. This time, he will present the audience with films in…

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Slovak Alps hidden on Považie

If an area in the Trenčín region resembles the Alps in its vegetation, it is definitely Strážov. It is here that most mountain species of plants are…

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From the discovered remains of a cave bear skeleton?

There are more than 700 caves in the Strážovské vrchy Protected Landscape Area. However, only a few of them are freely accessible to the public.…

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When nature paints it's time to go out

It's time to go out - nature paints. Leto sends us a kiss goodbye and opens the door to the colorful autumn, which immediately embraces us to…

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