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The cycling route between the town of Prievidza and the village of Zemianske Kostoľany will move closer to the realization

Trencian Autonomous Region as Green County gradually builds cycling infrastructure in the whole region. In the Upper Nitra region, an approximately…

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The second May weekend will bring to Trenčín the 7th annual exhibition of tourism in the regions

After a year, the Trenčín Exhibition Center will again take a tour of the best that Slovak regions and regions of neighboring countries can offer.…

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Hook from Domanique

Each village has its charm. My life is accompanied by myths, stories, legends and "word toys". Domaniža is no exception. Women's languages…

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Cultural and historical heritage as an essential attribute of national awareness

The main objective of the project is to acquaint the inhabitants and visitors of the border region with interesting places of cultural heritage and…

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Cultural and historical heritage as a basic attribute of national consciousness. The Baťa phenomenon and its cultural and historical legacy.

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Prievidza at the crossroads of history and current trends in tourism

The town of Prievidza in cooperation with Regional Tourism Organization REGION HIGH NITRA - BOJNICE organizes an international conference Prievidza…

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Salaš as a lure

From the valley of Váh nad Považskou Bystricou to the west I reach the valley ending at the foot of the mountains. In the valley, deeply cut into…

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Trenčiansky Castle is waiting for revolutionary changes

Trenčiansky Castle will go through revolutionary changes over the next two years. The new route will be an access road thanks to the reconstruction…

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