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The city of Prievidza invites you to discover its beauty and secret corners in the form of videos and fun games

Last year, the city of Prievidza prepared several projects to show future visitors, as well as its residents, that there are many monuments and tourist attractions hidden here.

One of them is the first destination game in the city of Prievidza - Prievidzské selfiečko. The game is aimed at the development of tourism in the city of Prievidza, and at the same time it aims to teach visitors, as well as residents of the city, a bit about the history and attractions of Prievidza in an interactive and entertaining way.

The concept of the game is part of the project In the Footsteps of Prievidza, which expands awareness of the city of Prievidza through videos on YouTube, and the game is officially supported by the City of Prievidza and the Tourist Information Office of the city of Prievidza.

The principle of the game is to decipher the hints and reveal 10 check-points after purchasing the map in TIK Prievidza. At each check-point, you must scan a QR code and take a selfie. After scanning, the player learns several interesting facts about the given place, and the game also recommends nearby cafes/restaurants. At the end, he also gets a letter/number in the resulting secret. After visiting all check-points, solving the mystery and taking a selfie at each location, the player will receive a gift in TIK Prievidza.

In one city, you can experience museums, sightseeing flights, skydiving, parks right in the center, an ancient fortress, picture galleries right on the estates and many other attractions. The district city is presented in several videos in the footsteps of Prievidze. In the interactive game Prievidzské Selfie, it encourages people to actually visit individual places in a fun and educational way.

Did you know, for example, that in the town of Prievidza in the 13th century did he find a castle on Mariánský vršek? Or that the beautiful Piarist Church is one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Central Europe? Or that there is a basement of evil hiding here that resembles war crimes? Wander around the corners of Prievidza, look for clues, discover check-points, take a photo and win a gift for successfully solving the secret!

The author of the game is Radovan Huba, a young resident of Prievidza. He is collaborating on the project with the Tourist Information Office (TIK) in Prievidza and the local government. "There are our landmarks, historical, cultural and natural. All you have to do is come to TIK in Prievidza, take a map and find out the tools. Then people come to the place, somewhere there they find a yellow QR code and when they scan it, they find information, points of interest, restaurants or cafes in the area and at the end a letter to the secretary. When they solve it, they take a photo, return to TIK and get some kind of reward," explained Huba.

If you wanted to visit all the places on the map, it would take you around 4 or more hours.

You can watch the videos on this You Tube channel

You can find out more information in TIK Prievidza or on Facebook Po stopóch Prievidza.

Source: TIK Bojnice

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